Shijiazhuang will enable the surveillance to capture window parabolic and other traffic violations – Beijing new network in Shijiazhuang in September 23, (Li Yang) the Traffic Management Bureau of Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau 23, revealed that since October 1st, officially illegal capture of parabolic window "and" call "violations, illegal information in the form of text messages to inform, the first time sent to the owner of the vehicle registration information retained contact number. According to the police, the driver to drive on the road to "call", "parabolic window" and "food", "makeup", is not only a kind of illegal behavior, but also there is a big traffic safety problems. In response to these violations, the past is mainly through the traffic police patrol found or set up checkpoints, lower efficiency and less punishment; with the electronic police technology continues to improve, the use of video image identification technology, has been achieved in the range of several hundred meters per second shooting speed of dozens of photos of law enforcement can also capture capture, night vision, the facial features of the license plate number, color, vehicle and driver are legible. Shijiazhuang police from now until October 1st, to test the capture system; in October 1st, officially illegal capture of parabolic window "and" call "illegal behavior. Electronic police capture drivers, passengers and other violations of the principle and capture vehicles "red light", "speeding" the same principle, monitor real-time feedback, through the automatic recognition system of illegal collection of fixed location and time, pictures and a series of chain of evidence, illegal processing system of traffic input, and for violations of the law punishment. According to reports, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "driving call answering handheld phone at a fine of 50 yuan, down 2;" the road to the driver throwing items "a fine of 50 yuan; the passengers to the car shed items" a fine of 20 yuan; (end)相关的主题文章: