The new Infiniti QX60 unveiled the 2016 simple life festival (October 8, 2016, Shanghai) on October 6th, as the exclusive car partner 2016 simple life festival, Infiniti bring its just listed the new QX60 bright landing in Shanghai Expo Park, bring a visual feast in the "eleven Golden Week" for the majority of owners and fans friends. It also opened the prelude to the fourth quarter of 2016 Infiniti Ganai season of life ". The night, the stars together in 2016 simple life festival main stage star on the stage, the famous singer Chang Csun Yuk debut, and the audience to share his personal understanding of love: "home is the most warm rely on, love is very simple, I hope everyone remembers often contact with family and lover, expression my love is brave, sincere words deeply touched everyone’s heart. Then, a stage full of warmth, a pure sweet voice, outline a happy family of four, is a vivid expression of artistic conception between the love of the work and the life of the family. When the stage is played on the big screen "vitality", "warm" and "modern" and "pleasure", "responsibility" these few words, warm atmosphere of warm stage in Taiwan, the most exciting star Singh Indira Finidi QX60 finally appeared, the shining star empty stage.   in the Infiniti simple life on the experience is very rich, in addition to the new QX60 debut in the main event, still carefully arranged the Infiniti booth brought "dare to love life season", allowing visitors to enjoy close Infiniti models, which is further illustration of custom T-shirts and Infiniti cars painted, so that guests sharing a happy time in a relaxed and pleasant space; in the "dare to share" love heart link, Dongfeng Infiniti general manager Mr. Lu Yi and the simple life festival founder, renowned music producer Zhang Peiren talked about the depth of the simple life, sharing, dare to love story. The Infiniti Ganai planet CSR display area, autistic children created a picture of imaginative paintings, let everyone know these lovely children unusual but bright and colorful spiritual world. For sale of all field works, the proceeds will be donated to the care of children with autism organization.   new QX60 unveiled the 2016 simple life festival, also marks the Infiniti officially launched "dare to love life, it is the season of Infiniti in the fourth quarter of this year for the majority of consumers to create music, sports stars, interactive, all cars drive for the whole experience platform, let those who dare to pursue new life idea in mind love, is the mentality of the young urban consumers to experience products close Infiniti ultimate performance and brand advocacy, to stimulate the emotional resonance, to dare to love.   the Infiniti brand that is "love ahead", has always been to people, inspire people to act, to achieve love, thus releasing potential, and to accompany people all the way in driving and life on the road. Infiniti definition of "dare to love the people, is the courage to challenge ahead, they have international vision of forward-looking, pay attention to a;相关的主题文章: