Media: female astronaut Liu Yang was elected vice chairman of the Federation is why part-time Liu Yang according to Xinhua News Agency reported that the eleven session of the five executive committee meeting in August 30th, the National Women’s Federation held in Beijing, the conference added part-time vice chairman of 3, of which 1 part-time vice chairman of the Secretariat; Supplement 2, including sending Secretary 1. According to the official news, the people’s Liberation Army Chinese astronaut brigade astronaut Liu Yang was elected as a part-time vice chairman of the National Women’s federation. Part-time vice chairman of women’s Federation is what position, how elected, what is the origin? Obama solution Bureau (WeChat ID:guanhaijieju) for you to decrypt. Astronaut Liu Yang part-time ACWF vice chairman of the Federation’s long-standing feelings readme "first of all, based on their own, work hard, train hard, ready for task selection, ready to represent China women, on behalf of the motherland again battle space. This is my job, I will continue to work in their own work, for example meritorious." According to the "China women newspaper" reported, when asked by reporters of part-time vice chairman of the newly elected national women’s future plans, Liu Yang said. Liu Yang said: "secondly, I must strengthen the study, improve the overall quality, the ability to quickly adapt to the job needs, can work better for women, our contributions to the development of our women’s federation. At the same time to play himself at the grassroots level, the heart at the grassroots level, at the grass-roots troops advantage, to better carry out grassroots work, especially the Army women’s thoughts and needs a deeper understanding, especially understanding the female soldiers heart, promote meritorious female soldiers better in national defense construction." Liu Yang said: "my feelings for the long-standing women’s federation." It is because of the National Women’s Federation of women development attention and promotion, that prompted Chinese kicked off for the selection of female astronauts. She fondly of her feelings for women: "we have been given a lot of women’s gay love and support. At first, it was the National Women’s Federation President Gu Xiulian sister, on behalf of the National Women’s Federation wrote to the leaders of the party and the state of our country, suggestions of cultivating their female astronaut, was the first female astronaut selection, that Chinese women have the opportunity to fly in space." "This afternoon, when the election results came out, when everyone burst into warm applause, when I came from the podium, I felt the heavy responsibility and pressure, I will be more strict requirements on their own, set a good image of women, the astronauts and soldiers set a good image. As much as I can, for women’s development, contribute to women’s work." Liu Yang said. A total of 11 women’s Federation vice president this afternoon, Obama solution Bureau (WeChat ID:guanhaijieju) reporter landing the National Women’s Federation website found in the leading column has not been updated, and did not find the name of Liu Yang. In the official website of the current leadership column, there is a chairman and 13 vice president, of which there are thirteen vice chairman of the list of the vice chairman of the group of 8. Why is there a part-time vice chairman, part-time vice president specifically responsible for what? Obama administration (WeChat ID7 solutions相关的主题文章: