The man was caught after pee beside the house owner scolded in retaliation for the fire to cars original title: "burning car farce a urine" triggered by the Guangzhou daily news   (reporter Yan Jianguang correspondent Zhao Guofu Li Mouheng) because of the urgency in the Li Mouqiang house on the open space next to urinate, happened to be Lee’s wife saw strong and scolded Li Mouheng so; who, after several months of the Capitol, he decided to steal Li Mouqiang’s motorcycle. The night, Li Mouqiang’s motorcycle was the car stopped, Li Mouheng in order to vent their anger, the car was burned down. In October 25th, the Pengjiang Public Security Bureau police station in Tangxia after a thorough investigation, Paimo, multi sectoral cooperation, successfully cracked occurred on October 14th in Luojiang village of Tangxia town of arson, and arrested the suspect Li Mouheng (male, 27 years old, Pengjiang Tangxia people), Liang Mouxiong (male, 26 years old, Pengjiang Tangxia people). Upon review, the suspect Li Mouheng, Liang Mouxiong on the Li Mouqiang family car torched confessed to the crime. One day in June and July this year, the suspect Li Mouheng Li Mouqiang drove through the neighborhood, because of urgency in the Li Mouqiang house next to the open space to urinate, was the victim of Li Mouqiang’s wife was seen and coarse language is called. So Lee continued grievances, move to steal the motorcycle idea, and has made many trips to Capitol Li Mouqiang home. October 13th at 21 am, Li Mouheng and others, such as drinking, consult with a man to steal a motorcycle at the door of the home of Liang Mouxiong, Li Mouqiang. Arrived in Luojiang village, Li Mouheng called Liang Mouxiong out of touch, he stole the car. But at that time the motorcycle was another car blocked Li Mouqiang can not steal, so Li Mouheng left. After supper in the process, Li Mouheng drank a bottle of beer, have to burn the car and called on the beam Mouxiong idea. Later, Li Mouheng picked up a big pack Green Tea plastic bottle on the road, put a small bottle of gasoline in his motorcycle. 14 at about 2 am, Li Mouheng will glue bottles of gasoline poured into someone’s car above, after the fire quickly fled the scene. Currently, the suspect Li Mouheng, Liang Mouxiong two people have been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further review. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: