The latest rich report: over one billion U.S. dollars of assets of China’s rich increased by the exposure of the 80 Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! UBS Securities Times reporter Zhao Chunyan and PWC jointly issued yesterday, the annual report shows that last year China billionaires, billionaires area overall wealth contrarian growth of 5.4%, and the global assets of over $1 billion in New Regal 210 people, including 80 people from China, average age of 53 years. PWC said that for Asia and China’s billionaires, the main challenges facing the sustainability of wealth preservation, corporate succession and feedback to the community, etc.. China wealth contrarian growth "report" shows that in 2015 the 210 richest wealth exceeded $1 billion mark, which in line with the conditions of the total number of billionaires increased to 1397. They are located in 14 of the most billionaires in the market. However, their total wealth was reduced from $5 trillion and 400 billion to $5 trillion and 100 billion. Average wealth fell from $4 billion in 2014 to $3 billion 700 million in 2015. Despite a 6% reduction in the total wealth of Asian billionaires in 2015, the overall wealth of billionaires in China has grown by more than $5.4%. The report said that China’s ongoing reform and economic development provides a favorable condition for young entrepreneurs to get rich quickly. For China the rich wealth of contrarian growth, Zhang Lijun said, there are two reasons: one is the issue of the amount of last year, China wealth of more than $1 billion of new Regal 80 people, while 40 people have lost the status of wealth, the net increase in the amount of 40, while the United States only net increase of 5 people; secondly, consisting of the billionaires on the structure of China new Jin in 80 come from the science and technology, retail and real estate industries. Especially in science and technology, in the last year, driven by domestic policy, as well as global venture capital, private capital investment in the field of science and technology in China is very high. The report shows that in 2015 more than 70% new billionaires is start empty-handed entrepreneurs, most of them are in the process of development in Asia’s wealth accumulation, the rapid development of China economy, especially in electronic commerce and made a great contribution to the prosperity of the real estate industry is rich birth. China has 19% of billionaires from the technology industry, and from the consumer and retail industry, from the real estate industry, accounting for the proportion of billionaires in the 15%, the three industry is the main source of China’s billionaires, the source of more than 15%. However, the three generation of non wealthy China alone UBS report also shows that the impact of business risk and dilution effect, the wealth of billionaires are generally short-lived. Over the past 20 years, the wealth fell below the $1 billion mark of the rich, there are 90% in the first and the second generation of the rich. There are more than 2/3 of the wealth in the first generation has been unable to maintain the original level, and to the late of the second generation, there are 1/5 evaporation. As an important part of the Asian economy, the basic theory of China’s billionaires相关的主题文章: