The influence of SDR on the A shares of RMB after the holiday?     since October 1st, the RMB will be officially joined the SDR, the RMB such a major event, in the end what will be the impact on the A shares? Come to a simple understanding of what is the next SDR? SDR was born in 1969 as a substitute for the dollar. The United States experienced many wars, in terms of military expenditure, commitment to the gold content and the exchange obligation can not perform the case, we believe that the establishment of a supranational currency is imperative, once born SDR. However, after the emergence of SDR, did not really replace the dollar. But the RMB to join the SDR, in a sense, is the rise of China’s international status, the increase of international discourse power, while China’s continued reform and opening up with the incentive, the nature of guidance. However, after 10.1 days, seems to be more likely to depreciate. The reason is very simple, the dollar interest rate hike soon, and the RMB is overvalued. In addition, after today, the internationalization of the RMB may be temporary, foreign exchange control may be strengthened. After all, the outflow of capital is still a lot of pressure. With the accession to the SDR, the renminbi becomes freely available currency. Inflows and outflows of funds is no longer subject to substantial idle, in the face of their own funds on the embarrassment of A shares, the impact may be too large. However, with the international capital inflows in September since the record breaking record, the international capital is still greater confidence in A shares. Soon in Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the opening, A shares will face more opportunities and challenges. (subscription and investment, enjoy the depth of investment consulting services) with reference to the previous national day price record, the national day after the first trading day market was relatively active, nearly ten years an average increase of 1.07%, of which, 7 times 3 times rise fall. The 7 rally in 2014, only the first day of the festival rose less than 1%. In September last year, the market ushered in the repair of the two extremes of the market trend, the market in the narrow range above 3000 points. On the first day of the national day, the Shanghai index tiaokonggaokai, day or 3%, then a week gain of nearly 7% increase. A week after the national day market performance is gratifying, up 8 down 2 times, an average increase of 2.46%. 8 in 2007, rose, 2009, and 2010 last year, a week after the holiday market has amazing performance, rose more than 5%. For nearly ten years, only in 2014 and 2008 after the national day a week, the Shanghai Composite Index fell, down 0.19% and 12.78%. Excellent investment researcher said: before the market is strong, a limited production agreement, the external market and OPEC boost, RMB into SDR are not unrelated, but more is more optimistic about the long holiday market confidence, 3000 strikes back is more in the long day ahead of the layout after. Therefore, even if it is offensive to no amount, the short-term is not pessimistic. Shanghai refers to the half line near the 2980 support is still strong, but also further support the market heavyweights promptly blocked downside index. (excellent investment impressive record, a 78.42%! At the same time, after the check) cash funds is expected to gradually return, recent management on the property market regulation policy will also help information.相关的主题文章: