The greatest education, even the mother’s mood is calm – Sohu mother and child are better than a good mother is a teacher, the mother’s "mother" in the end what kind of life? In fact, a good mother is three words. The first word is "static". Many mothers sharp eyed, one can see the children three questions, and immediately pointed out also repeatedly strengthened, even when more people face that my child is what is not good. When the mother sees her child’s strengths and weaknesses, do not move, do not panic, why? Because the child needs a mother with a good mood to nurture and protect, only the mother saw when the children of the advantages and disadvantages of both the growth momentum can be given without showing feelings, the child heart. The mother emotional instability of the family followed the somersault, children are living in the mother boat, a little movement will affect children, destroy the homeostasis of the child, the child is only calm their inner tensions will consume a lot of psychological energy, but also leave much mental energy by day learning for self growth.? The second word is "weak"". The mother learns to be weak in front of the child". It’s hard for a strong mother’s child to feel confident that the child’s confidence will be a little weaker in your state. To show in front of the child’s mother, the child’s heart must be confident and strong. Learn to show weakness in front of the children, is the realization of the child’s hand lifts, everywhere child mother, the child only stood downwind, finally willing to stand without a competitive disadvantage, and not a little power, extreme pursuit of rebellious and destructive to complete the self growth deformity. The third word is "ci". A mother is her real strength, kind, gentle, warm, gentle, husband and wife, sister, uncles family because of you peace and harmony, let a person feel like the sea embrace, and this is not a spectacular stir, children grow wider world, this kind of mother image is the rule that word is the direction, and in front of the children at all, not shouting, shouting is? Face nagging mother, let the children feel the world no one place is comfortable, is interesting, the child will lose the direction of the heart, and the mother also will not have any ability to guide more crazy. Sima Guang said: "the mother had no mercy, to know love not teach." Today mother more and more to do charity, psychology tells us that the child is the main problem of emotional problems, learning is not good because of negative emotional distress, rarely because of mental anxiety, parents and children have learning problems than impetuous, more terrible, the only child in the heart calm, possible absorption, precipitation rational thinking to foresight, sagacity, discovery and creation, in order to truly outstanding! As a mother, keep in mind that the best of your child’s education is to keep your temper in peace. · END ·相关的主题文章: