The goods on the high speed brake failure caused 1 dead Lianzhuang 8 car driver jailed for 1 years 7 months, the Guangzhou daily Qingyuan news (reporter Cao Jing     correspondent Zhang Yuchen) van in Guang Le highway as a runaway horse, killing eight people were killed, a car rear end collision, the driver will face legal sanctions to? The day before, Qingyuan Qingcheng district court heard by truck drivers driving violations and a tragedy. On the morning of March 6th, the driver of the Tang Dynasty driving a heavy warehouse gate type semi-trailer, along the highway from the north to the south of the Le Le highway. Because of the darkness and fog, visibility is not high, many sections have slowed and even congestion phenomenon. When Tang driving to the south of 219KM Road, because the distance is not enough, deceleration is not timely, and the front by blocking waiting for passing four cars and three trucks after a collision caused by a car driver Wang died on the spot and eight vehicles damaged in varying degrees of traffic accidents. After the incident, the scene waiting for the police to deal with. Tang explained that he was driving through the section of the incident, found the front of the vehicle is a double flash, followed by stops, at a distance of about three hundred meters in front of the car, he immediately stepped on the brakes, but the feeling of speed brake failure, did not cut down, then hit straight up. After the incident, the forensic identification of its braking system failure, there are security risks, do not meet the conditions of the road, and the Tang did not operate according to the rules of safe driving, bear the full responsibility of the accident. After the court found that the defendant Tang violation of traffic management regulations, driving accident, assume full responsibility for the accident, his behavior constituted the crime of causing traffic casualties. In view of the fact that the defendant has voluntarily surrendered themselves, and active compensation for the families of the victims funeral expenses, sentencing the discretion given a lighter punishment. The court ultimately sentenced the defendant guilty of traffic accident Tang, sentenced to seven months a year. Editor: GDN002相关的主题文章: