Our physical being is only one aspect of the four elements of our lives. The other elements are: mental, emotional and spiritual. It is amazing how these four elements co-mingle and if we lack in one aspect, it immediately reflects on our lives in a form of disharmony that can appear as a form of disease or illness that changes the whole picture. Picture this: Close your eyes for a moment and Imagine that you are standing on a center of a table with four steady legs. You feel comfortable. You feel safe. You can even spread your legs to two corners of the table and you are still in control and feel you can keep your balance. Now, close your eyes again and imagine yourselves standing on a center of a table. However, this table has one broken or crocked leg. How do you feel now standing on that table? Do you feel safe and steady? Do you feel out of balance? Does fear goes through your mind that you might fall, that you would not be able to keep your balance on that table much longer? What happen to us when one of these aspects (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) of our life is in disharmony with the rest of the elements? We feel shaky, unstable, out of balance, living in fear of the unknown. What causes these out of balance situations and illness in our lives? The answer to this question is simple and consists of only one word: S T R E S S. Even the modern medicine recognizes the fact that stress is the biggest factor in all diseases. What are the causes for stress? Put it simply, the reason is: "To Keep Up with Joneses" upbringing, which I call "brainwashing," set of beliefs and our attitude towards life. We believe that having more possessions, driving a certain car, living in a certain neighborhood, earning more money will make us happy. We are chasing worldly possessions, believing that they will satisfy our needs and bring us happiness. However, the happiness does not come from physical possessions and accumulation of things. It comes from much deeper elements of our lives. Happiness comes from our soul, from our mental, emotional and spiritual state. It comes from the way we perceive life, from our core being. It comes from the attitude that we embrace to react to every event that occurs in our life. How do we find the balance, so we can live in harmony with all aspect of our life? We have to be very honest with ourselves and be able to look deep down inside our "divine self" and be able to change our perception on life and change the priorities that dominant our life. Changing our set of beliefs, changing our attitude towards life. Channeling the energy to other elements of life that were not functioning the way they were supposed to and gain the balance back. To your good health and wealth! Copyright 2006 Lea Yekutiel About the Author: ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lea Yekutiel turned her life around 180 degrees just by changing her belief system and her attitude towards life. It took her twenty years of intensive study of metaphysics and spiritual growth to learn what she now practices and teaches. After overcoming Breast Cancer, Lea helps cancer patients on their journey of recovery, peace and happiness. She relates many wonderful experiences in her book (soon to be published) "Who Am I, God" which enlightens the reader in a unique and healing way. Learn how to turn your life around with Lea’s FREE teleseminars and newsletter. Visit Personal Growth and Spiritual Enlightenment for help today! .www.godwhoami.com Personal Growth and Spiritual Enlightenment Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Spirituality 相关的主题文章: