The detailed insurance Ampang insurance three innovation fund Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The insurance industry needs innovation in end products, operation end and the end of three of assets, in order to "China dream" under the background of the times, to meet the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the need for protection." Ampang Insurance Group Chairman and CEO Wu Xiaohui yesterday put forward this view in the international forum held in Beijing on the insurance. Specifically, at the end of the product, the insurance industry must be through product innovation, to meet the needs of the people of insurance products personalized experience. The reason why people choose insurance products, because it can provide insurance protection, but also bring tangible benefits. Customers are not educated, but should be protected. Therefore, we should strive to meet the needs of customers in the product, product innovation and service innovation, customer trust. In the future, with the development of driverless cars, mobile Internet, big data, genetic engineering, intelligent logistics, insurance products need to innovate in order to adapt to the development of the times and the needs of customers. Product innovation is the lifeblood of the enterprise." He pointed out that if everyone has a policy, the country will be more stable, the family will be more secure. He passed a little story to analyze China’s insurance industry opportunities: the British shoe merchants came to Africa, found that people did not wear shoes, some people think that the market is very big, some people think that there is no market. This is similar to the status quo of China’s insurance industry, there are still a lot of people do not have insurance this pair of shoes, but also the need for insurance companies with product innovation, to develop and meet the needs of the insurance market. On the operational side, the insurance companies to change the traditional mode of operation of the high cost of lag, so efficient operation, cost saving, rapid response to customer needs. Enterprises can not be too large institutions. "The customer’s money, the insurance company should be used to create revenue and provide protection, rather than to maintain a huge enterprise operation." He pointed out that the operation cost is not higher than the income, should adopt the flat management structure; the use of the mobile Internet thinking; comprehensive business objectives budget, financial budget, time budget; result oriented assessment, implementation risk and the interests of individuals and enterprises shared risk control mechanism. At present, compared with the mature market, the depth and density of China’s insurance market is still a lot of room for development, insurance innovation is still on the road. Under the new normal insurance companies if you want to have as much as possible and play, but also need to strongly encourage operational innovation. Without innovation, there would be no HUAWEI, no Alibaba. Today’s insurance industry, only innovation, in order to produce China’s insurance industry HUAWEI, China’s insurance industry Alibaba." At the end of the asset, insurance firms to do asset allocation innovation to meet the needs of the people of health care, pension, health, education, etc.. The innovation of the asset allocation can bring about the reform of the capital financing structure of the listed company, the reform of the management structure of the enterprise, and the reform of the corporate governance structure. Advantage of insurance, you can change the structure of China’s investment and financing for start-ups and small and micro enterprises to provide capital support for China’s infrastructure construction. The insurance industry in the capital相关的主题文章: