The couple married 24 years apart this year CCTV Mid Autumn Festival Party reunion Mid Autumn Festival reunion. This is the best wish in the hearts of many people, but many people can not be reunited for various reasons. A couple in Xingtai, married 24 years ago, because of their work together less than many, every Mid Autumn Festival can not be reunited. Mid Autumn Festival this year, they married two people together on the CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party, in such a special form, spent the first reunion after the mid autumn festival. The husband called Wu Zhizhong, is a special class pilot of Naval Aviation Division of Beihai fleet, wife Xu Zhaoyang is deputy political commissar of the Xingtai County Public Security bureau. Wu Zhizhong and his wife Xu Zhaoyang at the party on the same board CCTV evening for the first time in 24 years spent the Mid Autumn Festival at Xu Zhaoyang’s office, a "special" calendar eye-catching, this is Xu Zhaoyang’s daily diary. Above the dense records a variety of events, "the son’s birthday", "father to buy medicine" and "work"…… Not long ago, Xu Zhaoyang and her husband, Wu Zhizhong, respectively, received a television and troops notice, invited them to the couple held on 2016 CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party. At that time, the husband Wu Zhizhong out of the task, his wife Xu Zhaoyang busy working in Xingtai. "I was very nervous when I first received the invitation to cctv. So he made a phone call to volunteers, we are about to meet in Beijing." Xu Zhaoyang said. On the afternoon of September 13th, she rushed to the CCTV program recording scene, saw a long time no see her husband Wu Zhizhong. A few months did not see, the two did not like a young couple hugging each other, a "come", including the concern for each other. "From the beginning of this year to now, during the death of my father, volunteers only came back two times, the rest of the time out of the task." Xu Zhaoyang said that they have been married for 24 years, but because of each other’s work, never had a mid autumn festival. This year’s Mid Autumn Festival, thought that as usual can not get together, I did not expect to record the show, the first two people in the Mid Autumn Festival reunion. The couple together from many regrets for her husband and career Olympian Fu Yuanhui photo of the evening of September 14, 2016, the Ming Dynasty, people immersed in the happiness of the reunion. CCTV’s Mid Autumn Festival party, Wu Zhizhong and Mr. and Mrs. Xu Zhaoyang to share the story of the two people. 24 years of marriage, the couple had lived day, Wu Zhizhong took time to the flight career, Xu Zhaoyang hand took the burden of the family, the husband behind as a wife. A white uniform of Wu Zhizhong and his wife Xu Zhaoyang body in fine fig, blue uniforms. She looked lovingly at her husband, her eyes full of understanding and support. Xu Zhaoyang so firm and persistent, due to her understanding and support for her husband’s work. "From the moment we got married, I understood the responsibility of being a pilot’s wife." Xu Zhaoyang clearly remember, after 1 weeks of marriage, her husband returned to the end of the vacation, his son Ming Ming was born on the 3 day, her husband will return to the army to participate in major exercises…… And her family leave, because the family and work for the sake of never rest. "Fly.相关的主题文章: