The child broke into the train line hit and killed the railway departments: strengthen the minors guardianship in Beijing – Wuhan September 17th new media news (reporter Wang Xian) reporter from the Hubei Macheng branch was informed that the subordinates of the Henan train station in Xinxian County recently occurred in railway traffic accidents. A 1 year old child from the guardian, from outside the train station square drilling station, into the railway line, the train ran on, after the hospital died. Currently, the railway sector is working with the public security departments to investigate and deal with. The live video screenshot provided by the reporter of Macheng CheWuDuan see, 14, 16:36, when do children and its grandfather Zhang Moumou in the station the station square outside the play. 16:44, when do children from the station gate slot drilling station. Macheng branch relevant responsible person said, the children in a station near the Tainan tunnel port into the railway line, followed by the train hit. About 16:48, Zhang found a lost child, to the waiting hall for police, with the assistance of station staff from the station stop looking, lying on the ground beside the railway station was found in children. Station staff immediately rescue and call the 120 emergency call, after the hospital to confirm the death of children. The reporter learned from the railway sector, the site of the station passenger service, the station gates locked. The railway departments to remind the masses: do not walk, sit or lie on a railway track or where there is no pedestrian crossing, railway line on the railway line; do not enter the closed area or traffic in the railway bridge, pedestrian tunnel is not set; especially to strengthen the education of minors, supervision, care, ensure personal safety and safety of railway transportation.相关的主题文章: