The child "broadcast" parents should live in separate rooms. The number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: children "broadcast" parents live affectionate expert: sleeping in separate rooms as soon as possible "I suggest to Yan Yongjie painted in children before the age of 4 separate rooms." 12 noon yesterday, more than half of Zhejiang, Ningbo Polytechnic "in the classroom" good solutions to the virgin "public lecture continues. The lecture lasted 3 hours, almost no one to leave, many parents in the notes, the staff collected a pile of parents to write down questions card. Speaker professor Hu Ping is vice chairman of Specialized Committee China Youth Sexual Health Education Institute, her personal view is: many children education problems are caused by not timely allocation of sleep. The lecture yesterday, parents are very concerned about the topic of housing. Story 1 mm tug of war played 9 years listening to lectures, mostly young parents or grandparents, but the reporter is a year on the side too large ms.. Chat, she embarrassed to say: "friends to vote, I saw how to help children and parents to talk about the room, came." "My son is 14 years older than me. Everything else is good, is such an adult, and I sleep, his father fell asleep in the children’s room. He said that housing, cry, make, a noisy than a fierce." "Did you sleep in the middle?" "Do not know how many times. When I was in kindergarten, I was 5 years old. Divided into 9 years, has not been successful." "Why?" "Cry ah. Desperately cry. 5 years old, was still small, relented. Primary school and once again, cry more fierce. I tried to ignore him, and as a result, sitting at the door of our bedroom, it was so cold, and he was in bed." She said later, coercion, inducement, son of soft and hard to eat is not willing to sleep alone. She has repeatedly stressed that in addition to this, other children are good, and the mother is very pro, not rebellious, is "the character a bit limp". Story 2 "broadcast" affectionate parents speak about the situation before the contact with the case of Hu Ping: kindergarten children, often in the small partners "broadcast" the night before the parents affectionate. From Mom and dad are naked, the details of the rich people be struck dumb. "Kindergarten reflects the situation to me. I saw the child, but also to find a parent. The child’s mother said: "I wronged ah, every time we are asleep before he affectionate."" Hu Ping looked at the audience, solemn reminder: this case many parents think that children are asleep, in fact, children often just pretending to sleep, my parents live live". "These are very bad for children’s growth. Some children will imitate their peers, and some feel that this is a very normal thing lead to premature sexual behavior, while others will feel very dirty." Hu Ping said. To investigate the number of baby beds into a grocery shelf children how old and parents sleep in bed appropriate? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed by the scene, QQ group, WeChat, telephone, and so asked nearly 40相关的主题文章: