The car from the bottom: if the wind PDD tied for second DOTA players first bright blind gaming circles whether occupation players or the anchor, compared to the previous income is really the difference between heaven and earth, how these people will have money to spend? We’ll buy myself a car, accustomed to life gaming also ushered in the spring, with the following Xiaobian look at those people of the car’s gaming circles! The first is really bright blind! [open] Ferrari 458–388 million –90-140 million LOL famous anchor 55 open, luxury car has two, one is Ferrari’s 458, and the other is Martha Lahti, Martha Lahti. Two price is not cheap, there will be a car to open UU? [autumn] famous anchor Audi R8–127 million ~215 million ~249 million Porsche Cayenne 850 thousand hearthstone, is also a double car club. Even if the two vehicles is the minimum configuration, how to add up to about 2000000. Hearthstone players are rich now. [MATA] BMW I8–150 million ~167 million MATA car BMW I8, do not know why gaming circles have fewer people to buy BMW. [xiao8] the Jaguar –80 million DOTA player xiao8 is quite low-key, as one of the most famous players in the DOTA ring, the home is also a rich two generations, but other than gaming circles and celebrities, car is very low-key, less than 1 million. [if the wind] Porsche Panamera–100 million ~385 million –200 million LOL Aston Martin is one of the famous anchor, double car club, two car prices are not cheap, second Aston Martin, is said to the whole of Shanghai only one, but the price is only speculation about 2000000, could be much higher. [prisoner] Corvette C7–100 million ~200 million hearthstone legendary players, has a high popularity in the hearthstone legend. The car is also more alternative, the country has not been formally introduced, the estimated price of 1 million to 2 million between. Car is very beautiful. [PIS] Porsche Panamera–100 DOTA dove PIS million ~385 million king of the car, because the PIS in the DOTA circle of fame is too high, the money is natural, buy a car is extremely expensive. Beggars are said to be at least 1 million. [SOL] Jaguar ftype–65 million ~175 hearthstone legend anchor, hearthstone legend has a very high popularity. Jaguar ftype is bought, it is also a relatively low-key anchor. With respect to the entire gaming circles, is not particularly expensive car. [PDD] Audi R8–127 million ~~215 million LOL Ferrari first Sao pig PDD, but also the two car, before a Audi R8, now in the live and was found to buy a car fans Ferrari 488, worth about 3 million 880 thousand. This should be the best car in the gaming circles now. Sao pig is really rich ah. [bear] Nissan GTR–157 million ~234 hearthstone legend anchor, had happened before very famous相关的主题文章: