The biennial global crisis and interdisciplinary solutions "Shanghai seed conference in September 4th, the preparatory year of the" Shanghai seed "opened in shanghai. In the eyes of art director Li Longyu, the biennial cultural projects are not "Biennale", and close to the "Art Festival", because it radiates the visual arts, literature, architecture, performance, bio technology, electronic games in different fields, far beyond the traditional Biennale focused the category of contemporary art. However, as the head of the Art Festival is not a large-scale exhibition or high density of performing arts activities, but a forum topic at the Biennale, facing the crisis and future prospects. In September 3rd, Columbia University professor Terry Spivak, Jaya · thirteenth Cassell literature master exhibition curator Caroline · Christof, Baca Bakiyev New York Jewish Museum deputy curator Jens · Hoffman, director of the Istanbul Biennale, big · Oulie executive and artistic director of the Montreal Biennale Sylvie · China Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum academic department, amifostine Wang Chunchen, director of industry authority attended the scene to express their views. "We hope that in the" Art Festival "at the beginning of the output concept: the biennial form, goals and operation in the aspects of change. Where will it take us to discuss." Li Longyu said. "Shanghai seed" seminar site photo by Wang Chunchen (left) provided under the background of global biennial crisis in August 2016, ten years of the establishment of the Turkey Biennale by unrest extension, curatorial team Melih G rgü N, Nike Baetzner and Jonatan Habib Engqvist launched a joint statement: "we believe that our country will soon from the turmoil, delay is not canceled." Affected by the situation in Europe, more and more Biennale facing external crisis. In 2014, the original May in that year the second Kiev Biennale of contemporary art held by armed Eastern Ukraine were forced to postpone the problem. The following year, the biennial two announcement, because of turmoil, with the economic crisis, has organized Biennial "impossible". In the globalization concept, in addition to the biennial "foreign aggression", and "internal problems". Art critic Fei Dawei had "two minutes" that the Biennale too rampant, in "the 1096 Biennale" in an article, he used the "name + Biennale", copying of ridicule biennale. In this regard, Li Longyu also said that the homogenization of the Biennale has ignored its essence. "I do not exclude the biennial stimulation of city construction and tourism resources, but the core attributes of the Biennale is provided to let the public and works, and the creator of the direct communication platform, rather than show star artists." With the increase in the number, the Biennale quality more and more people are concerned about. In recent years, the world’s first biennial – Venice Biennale (hereinafter referred to as "Wei double") was added into the parallel questioned storm. "Wei Shuang" parallel exhibition began in 2009, would like to take this opportunity to visit the Venice artists can apply to the organizing committee, the approved.相关的主题文章: