The battle of Mosul a disorderly chess – Sohu comments Xia Wenhui (international scholars) in Iraq, recaptured the northern city of Mosul, the battle has entered a key stage, the army has entered the city, there are a few kilometers from the city center. The following may be mine, trenches, human shields and extremely hard and bitter fighting. Campaign has been nearly 20 days. It may last for weeks or months. With the progress of Mosul, coordinated to see the Islamic state with determination and defend against Mosul’s brightest. The Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi said, to recover the Heidelberg? Will bring a victory celebration. This sentence is reckless, simply forget the humiliation. In June 10, 2014, hundreds of Islamist militants captured Mosul by truck. Responsible for the defense of 30 thousand Iraqi police and soldiers have received military training, but not to fight and throw away everything when fleeing. Easily into the city of the Islamic state of immediate control of the city, a large number of assets of about $500 million in cash and weapons, and implement the rule of extreme blockade of city residents. The thief will be cut off hands, gay directly from upstairs down to death, women should not be took to the streets, to prohibit any entertainment on TV, watching the football league will be whipping. It is impossible to escape, or relatives will be punished, to seek survival is also very difficult, supplies, drugs, drinking water pollution, the people of Mosul will be described as the "medieval dungeon". All this is due to the Iraqi army almost no resistance to give up, and the U.S. military has repeatedly claimed that the Iraqi army has considerable strength. The strength of the siege of Mosul is a united front of hybridity. The Iraqi security forces and other local forces about 40 thousand people mainly attack from the East, South, elite troops in the East advancing very rapidly, for the entire war brings optimism. Kurdish militants have also joined the battle, in the Islamic state organization in Mosul and its control rule extends to the western Iraq, Iraqi Kurdish militants quickly to fill the vacancy here, now under siege "in Iraq the capital of the Islamic state, local Kurdish armed forces in the territory and expand opportunity. The common siege of Mosul as well as to the Shiite militia dominated more than and 40 armed forces, they have the highest Iraqi Shiite religious leader Ayatollah Ali al Sistani called Husseini?, but does not accept the command of the Iraqi government. The former governor of Mosul Province, Arcelor? Nujefi Sunni also organized a loose power into battle, their purpose is simple: to regain the occupied homeland. Attack the headquarters is not in Baghdad, Washington led international coalition is the mastermind of the campaign and command system. According to the information provided by the The Pentagon in Iraq, the U.S. military personnel more than 5000 people, with France, Britain, Spain and other countries military personnel, will be on to the Iraqi army as the main force to provide tactical air support, intelligence, and equipment. The United States Secretary of defense Ashton? Carter said 2, has begun talks with Turkey against the Islamic state in Syria’s la. Military relations, Mosul and La respectively ".相关的主题文章: