Things come in October 31, 2016 opened the golden age of big data Wuxi "things World Exposition" grand opening, the depth of interpretation on the Internet of things has become the focus of the conference, which held in the 31 "Internet + big data forum", "networking application demonstration, data integration and innovation as the theme, on the dependency relation between results and networking and big data depth. The guests are gathered a large coffee, including University of Washington professor Wang Yinhai, Ni Guangnan, Chinese Academy of engineering, chief technology officer of China IBM and Shen Xiaowei, Dean of Chinese Institute Vice President of Lenovo Group Tian Rihui and other overseas famous scholars, experts and entrepreneurs. During the meeting the guests are integration of innovative big data and networking expressed their views. The arrival of the era of big data, is the world’s leading consulting firm McKinsey first proposed, McKinsey said: data, has penetrated into every industry and business functions, and become an important factor of production. For the massive data mining and application, indicates a new wave of productivity growth and the arrival of the wave of consumer surplus." Strictly speaking, as early as 1990s, the father of the data warehouse, Bill Inmon will put forward the concept of big data. Recent data has been hot, mainly due to the Internet, mobile devices, networking and cloud computing, the rapid rise of global data greatly improved. It can be said that the rise of the mobile Internet, networking and cloud computing industry, largely due to the reasons for large data. What is the Internet of things, everything interconnected how to do, things + big data forum gives the direction of integration and innovation. In simple terms, the Internet is through the sensor as the antenna to collect data, such as smart bracelet is a sensor that will use the data upload of the wearer, thereby forming a large data analysis and processing, and then through the cloud, the conclusion to guide the plant and improve production and upgrade products etc.. Internet of things is a data sharing platform for all things, including the use of big data constitutes the core of the Internet of things, if the Internet of things compared to a person, big data is the human brain. The integration of the Internet of things and big data will change the pattern of many areas. The IOT will extend from traditional areas to many aspects of social life, such as medical, financial, communications, transportation and so on, the medical industry is likely the first breakthrough, there are a lot of extensive treatment of the current medical system, networking and big data combination can effectively improve it according to the situation customized health plans and medical scheme of each person is different. At present, relying on Internet plus, Wuxi city network construction on the world’s top achievements, has made some achievements in the medical wisdom, wisdom of health care. In the people’s Hospital of Wuxi City, in addition to inpatient clinic card, will also get a bar code wristbands, handheld EDA medical staff as long as the alignment of the patient wristbands on wireless bar code, background information system will automatically EDA and hospital connection screen patient medical advice implementation and all the vital signs of the patients, medical staff will according to the real-time information and arrange the next.相关的主题文章: