Ten billion fund today love to buy social insurance which shares Level2:A shares of sina finance financial App: Sina speed disk live on-line blogger to guide according to the Securities Times news, the national social security fund today to more than the territory of the trustee card for a total of about 10 billion yuan of funds for the purchase of shares in two market. The industry said that although the investment belongs to the regular annual new investment, but Huazhang ahead of time than in previous years a little, there may be optimistic about the current A stock investment opportunities. According to the past investment style of social security fund, social security is more inclined to blue chip and growth stocks with performance support. As an important investment force in the A share market, social security fund has attracted much attention from the market. In particular, the social security fund stock selection targets, has become the focus of the market analysis of various types of analysis institutions. Wind statistics show that the social security fund stock selection scope is very extensive, that has been disclosed in 2015 three quarterly reports, the number of shares held by up to more than 651, accounting for nearly 1/4 of total number of A shares. Chart 1: social security fund ownership accounted for all A shares, from the investment distribution point of view, blue chips or the most favored by social security. Chart 2: the top 20 stock market value of the stock market can be seen from chart 2, the top 20 of the stock market value of the shares are relatively stable blue chips. For some of the social security fund is more concerned about the subject, often lead to get together phenomenon. Figure 3: social security holdings accounted for the proportion of outstanding shares before 20 can be seen from Figure 3, the social security fund buying stocks, many stocks holdings accounted for more than 10% share capital in circulation. For the social security fund transfer positions, often lead to greater fluctuations in stock prices, and from the social security strategy to adjust positions can also be a glimpse of the relevant stock market outlook. Chart 4:2015 three quarter gallon stocks of the top 20 from Figure 4 can be seen in the three quarter of 2015, although the A-share market as A whole is down, some stocks have adverse economic opening fund. At the same time, some stocks have been greatly reduced by the social security fund. Figure 5:2015 in the three quarter Jiancang stocks of the top 20 can be seen from Figure 5, part of the stock by the number of social security funds to lighten up the proportion of tradable shares up 5%, more than 1% of the positions are not unusual, for these stocks need to remain vigilant. (Note: the social security fund holdings statistics point for the 2015 three quarterly statistics, the stock market value of the year of February 18, 2016, changes in the proportion of tradable shares for changes in the proportion of shares in Sina Finance) [discussion]

百亿级社保资金今日可入市 社保都喜欢买哪些股 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   据证券时报消息,全国社保基金今日给多家境内委托管理人划账总计约100亿元人民币的资金,用于在二级市场购买股票。业界表示,尽管这笔投资属于每年常规新增投资,但划账的时间较往年稍稍提前,有可能是看好当下A股的投资机会。按照过往社保基金的投资风格,社保比较倾向于蓝筹和有业绩支撑的成长股。   社保基金作为A股市场的一只重要投资力量,其一举一动倍受市场关注。特别是社保基金的选股标的,亦成为市场各类分析机构研究的重点。   Wind数据统计显示,社保基金的选股范围也是十分广泛,从已披露的2015年三季报显示,其持有股票数量达651多只,占全部A股数量的近四分之一。   图表1:社保基金持股占全部A股比例   从投资分布来看,蓝筹股还是最受社保青睐。   图表2:社保持股市值前20名   从图表2中可以看出,持股市值排名前20的个股均为业绩较为稳定的蓝筹股。   对于部分社保基金较为看中的标的,往往也引发扎堆现象。   图表3:社保持股占流通股比例前20名   从图表3中可以看出,社保基金买入个股中,不少个股持股比例已占流通股本的10%以上。   对于社保基金的调仓,往往引发股价的较大波动,而从社保调仓的策略中也可一窥相关个股后市动向。   图表4:2015年三季度加仓个股前20   从图表4中可以看出,虽然2015年三季度A股市场整体呈现回落,部分个股却受到社保基金的逆市加仓。   与此同时,也有部分个股遭到社保基金的大幅减仓。   图表5:2015年三季度减仓个股前20   从图表5中可以看出,部分个股遭社保基金减仓数量占流通股比例高达5%,建仓比例大于1%的亦不在少数,对于这类股需保持警惕。   (注:社保基金持股统计时点为2015年三季报,持股市值统计时点为2016年2月18日,变动比例为流通股变动比例) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: