Automobiles The Tata Aria is a .fort and effort machine. .fort because unlike any of its previous SUVs or UV this baby here is a class apart. If you have driven the Safari and Aria then you will understand the weight of the previous statement. The acceleration is really up there considering the machine weighs over 2.5 tons and the refinement is equally excellent, and thats quite an effort. The heavy beast clocks a sleek 60 kph in 6.0 seconds and 100 kph at a fair 15.8 seconds again only goes to prove that its a class apart. Finally one can say that Tata has .e a long way, especially on the NVH. The Aria barely whispers even at high speeds or for that matter even when you are .ing to stand still, it barely makes a squeak. No matter what the road conditions are, there are absolutely no squeaks; bleep or rattles either from the shock absorbers or the inside trim bits. Its really .e off age. Tata Aria Exterior and Interior: Whats holding this beast together? A Solid body-on-frame construction and seemingly rugged this mean machine is ready to reckon with. Such strong body coupled with next gen styling, especially on the front, the Aria is sure to street grab a fair share for the good looks and street presence. The interiors are a heaven to be. .fortably seating up to five passengers in the front two rows, the quality upholstery and the wooden bits are of top notch. Engine: The Tata Aria has a DICOR engine from the Tata Safari with a 2.2 liter diesel motor making 140 PS at 4000 rpm and a massive 320 Nm of torque at 2200 rpm. These numbers are enough to hit the 100 kmph under 16 seconds a couple faster than the Toyota that is also considering 2,225 kerb weight. The smaller engine glistens with modern innovation, and posts acceleration figures of 170 kmph. This easily en.passes the Innova on all counts. The brakes are of 320mm ventilated discs at the front and 280 mm solid discs at the rear. The mileage is a double digit 10.9 kmpl on the streets which is again excellent, though I suspect the 18.3 kmpl on the highways. Over all the mileage of 14.6 kmpl for a 4 wheel giant is truly unbelievable. Ride The driver .forts are well sorted. The gigantic wheels just crush anything in its path. Meanwhile on the inside its as soft as a feather, hardly one feels uneasy even after sitting a few hours in the seats. The seats are sure shot box office hit! While auto scribes always scribed about the handling when it .es to the Aria this one has sure put a cap to their pens. A definite leap from the Safari the Aria does roll a bit when leaned into corners but not as much as and surprisingly, less than the Innova considering the size. Aria Design: Tata says that it is not just a factory output, but a well thought out creation with a very .petitive package, some first-time safety measures with all terrain capabilities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: