Tang Jun: about the car is the first piece of hot potato – Beijing |  famous occupation managers, the end of China minimally invasive chairman Tang Jun after the national day, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen city has issued a network about the car business service management implementation details of the draft, leading to a widespread social concern. Platform smell the wind, the media speculation, people worry about prices. The present moment is about the car network platform service legalization process is very critical, "network about cars" is the first piece of hot potato. Local governments can not fight against the "Internet plus" positive development, but also to ensure the stability of the public transport system, also had to take care of the feelings of the people. More generally, the view that the rules will be formally introduced to make the network about the safety of the car has been greatly improved, because it is more obvious to pass the regulatory authorities on the network about the car hardware requirements. In the price system, the views mentioned in the market to decide, it is very scientific. As a user, worried about rising prices, especially more expensive than a taxi, that the regulatory authorities are to safeguard the interests of the taxi system, I think this is a lot of concern. In the past, the platform melee stage, capital burn grab traffic, which in itself is not sustainable, prices gradually rise, the platform to receive intermediate costs is inevitable. For the views of all over the country, but also the view that the local government has excessive enforcement of the Ministry of transport documents. For example, the requirements of the driver is the local household registration, the requirements of the network about the comfort of the vehicle, etc.. We should be on the development of the Internet regulatory system in the process of setting up some tolerance. Network about car specification policy is very necessary, as a product of the share of the economic boom, the car about the identity of the car has been relatively gray since birth. Any business model needs to be standardized. Because at the edge of the regulatory, harm cases happened in the past few hauling about cars. We expressed sympathy for the victims, expressed anger after the perpetrators, but should be concerned about how to change the gray zone. However, the current regulatory policy is still in the implementation of the greater difficulty. For example, the introduction of the Shanghai rules require the driver engaged in the network about the car must have a Shanghai household registration, vehicle license plate to Shanghai, and the wheelbase to reach 2700 mm. According to the data released by drops, Shanghai is only less than 1/5 of the network about the vehicle’s service vehicles in line with the new wheelbase requirements; and in more than 41 locations around the car driver, with less than 10000 Shanghai household registration. This situation is similar in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, more than 3000 vehicles around the car almost all foreign cars. If in accordance with the rules explicitly, this means that many city network service platform about the car may be dying". Sharing the economy is a big trend, but too strict supervision may combat the enthusiasm, which is a big test for the legislative branch. Internet era, the network about the car greatly increased the convenience of travel, so that people have more choices on the trip. Regulation is to provide safe and efficient service security, rather than to let the network about the collective disappearance of the car. Many of the views are now proposed for the first time, the process of building the system should allow users, drivers and platforms have more say. We encourage sharing, network about car service will become the city.相关的主题文章: