Taiwan officials said mainland tourists can reduce the squat rest waiting was choking squat long foot will came to new network in Taiwan ma – China news network October 14th "520" after the new authorities in Taiwan, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan dropped, Taiwan tourism market downturn. According to "Taiwan times" reported China, Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju yesterday (13 days) in the "Kaohsiung tourism industry development forum" said that the future will be the development of multiple sources, the Taiwan authorities, deputy director of the Tourism Bureau Liu Xilin said, mainland tourists do not go, can temporarily squat rest waiting time, not material Taiwan was under the tourism industry in the face of audibles crouch long feet will Ma, embarrassing scene. According to reports, Chen Ju admitted that the mainland tourists to reduce the impact on the tourism industry indeed. Taiwan authorities, deputy director of the Tourism Bureau Liu Xilin due to a boom. He said, Taiwan tourism need to work together, it is impossible to skip any one area. Recently, tourists may encounter obstacles is unpleasant, but in view of the whole disc period, squat rest will jump higher, can be re examined and corrected, he told everyone to open up more markets and quality of work. This is a hotel, Kaohsiung City Association vice chairman Cai Zongji shelling, foot squat long hemp, simply walk, don’t wait to pour the light? (Lining, Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: