Survey: Hongkong high school international vision weak The Belt and Road or to improve the opportunities – Beijing survey: an international perspective of senior high school students in Hongkong is weak "The Belt and Road" or to improve the opportunity in Hongkong news agency on 7 October, (reporter Li Zhuolong) Hongkong is an international metropolis in Asia, but a survey published on the 7 results at present, Hongkong high school students’ international vision is weak, the situation needs to be strengthened. The investigation thinks, if the effective use of The Belt and Road "initiative, or may become an important opportunity to strengthen the Hongkong students’ international vision. The study was sponsored by the Hongkong Institute of international studies, Chinese University Hong Kong. In the period from June to July this year, the successful recovery of 657 from four to 26 schools in Hongkong in the six student questionnaires, to understand the Hongkong high school students’ international view and relevant factors affecting their international vision. The survey results show that about 20% of students surveyed said "no" or "strongly disagree" have the international perspective, nearly 60% students surveyed think is "general", only about 20% of students surveyed said "agree" or "very agree". The survey asked students to answer 11 questions concerning international knowledge. The overall results, students unable to respond to a lot of problems, the average answer 5.97 questions, only qualified. The students of different category for international perspective, the poor performance is listed in the international disarmament example, 25% students answered incorrectly, 42.3% students failed to answer or no answer; the better is the list of international public health examples, nearly 90% students answered correctly, for "the Middle East respiratory syndrome", "Zhai card virus" as an example. For the students, the main source of international knowledge is the website, social media and film and other cultural media, followed by drama, newspapers and textbooks. The findings also found that family economic factors or influences students’ perceptions of international and international knowledge. The students surveyed monthly family income is higher, the average scores of self rating international outlook and international knowledge will be higher. The research team recommends that the government, schools, NGOs and the media, should work together to promote the level of students. For students with lower family economy, strengthen and put resources to develop their international vision, try to work on the website, social media, and so on, as well as optimize the school curriculum, teaching strategies, etc.. The research team also pointed out that if Hongkong is the effective use of The Belt and Road "initiative, social, and cultural media and the school quoted in more places, such as the Middle East, Africa, Hongkong can make students understand the diversity of the world in the narrow international recognition, as well as around the unique cultural system. (end)相关的主题文章: