String line choice, the door of the city on the Sohu and between units and home every day in the line of two go, to go to the supermarket to buy things not weekend, even the door opens a new city on it is late. The back, open the front door, string line more and more convenient. Chain stores, natural or traditional ice LOGO. The new store layout, natural tables and chairs are brand new, not a little greasy, clean and neat. The ice like bamboo shoots, only in the city had been seen elsewhere. Crisp QQ, very chewy taste. Nuts, spinach, peanut, corn, spinach, beautiful color collocation, refreshing taste, with the string line both the solution and tired of qingkou. Fruit and fish, a giant, a rich fruit, watermelon, strawberry, pitaya…… Large amount of value. Banana milkshake, banana really is a lot of content, taste is very obvious, the rich flavor of banana. This container is really too nostalgic, with the last time, you should remember. Stalls skewers, barbecue master has been busy in the baking process, see clearly. Long grills, do not know what is inside me. Meat ribs, hold great heat, some oil has been baked, not the firewood is not greasy, taste is appropriate. Mustard chicken wings, brush prepared mustard roasted. Although the surface can not see the green mustard, but when you eat, there will always be a "surprise", mustard fragrance completely diluted the greasy smell of baking string oil. Big kidney, absolutely necessary, the most important is the heat, should be cooked, not too old, looked humble, actually quite a test technology. Bread slices, baked micro coke, surface crisp, but also sprinkle a layer of sugar, taste good taste. Fried silkworm, this really just give a friend point, a little nervous because of bugs. Although know this thing is high protein, high nutrition, just don’t know but drum for a long time of courage, or did not dare to try. Dough Drop and Assorted Vegetable Soup, ending track string line, the tomato is fresh and acid, string line and then drink bowls, feel the stomach warm, comfortable, very satisfied. The Bard on Xinyuanli Xinyuanli Shop No. 18 Beijing Zhai near Tel: 010-89944365相关的主题文章: