South China Sea Fleet naval aviation aircraft assault exercise military channel map information: the South China Sea Fleet aviation held firing news: Recently, South China Sea Fleet naval aviation aircraft organized a complex electromagnetic environment and sea voyage assault drills, troops inspection precision strikes of ship combat capability. With the command post command, in a number of different areas of the Military airports, mounted weapon AWACS, fighter aircraft, bombers, helicopters and other planes have been planned to take off. The exercise, not only to overcome the long range bombing unit, airspace complex problems, but also with the AWACS, fighter aircraft, helicopters and naval vessels to collaborate to complete the "enemy" fleet assault and rescue mission, as a division of fighter cover support forces in low meteorological conditions Trinidad maneuver transition. After more than 1 thousand km long range bombers, received early warning information, ahead of the layout of a large number of reconnaissance troops and equipment. In order to avoid being found, timely adjustment of formation flight altitude and low altitude routes, take high speed penetration, and come with the 4 fighter cover support together through the air defense zone. After nearly two hours of flight, the bombing unit close to the mission area, in the early warning machine under the guidance of the pilot quickly determine the target, accurate emission, and our ship a success on the enemy warship formation in the implementation of the assault. During this mission, nearly half of the bombers are young pilots, they take the old with the new combination method, effective exercise and new fighter force remote training, the pilots in the complex environment, strange geographical conditions of global combat capability has been further enhanced.相关的主题文章: