Show personal charm big 2 free space new on-line "Westward Journey 2 free version of" personal space new on-line, personal charm, a friend read bestie! Walk three mood no big update? Little understanding of the game partner? Want to have more interaction with the big brother? Personal space for you to solve, let you have more opportunities to show themselves, let you have more opportunities to meet friends, let you have more opportunities to show affection! So, how to run a new personal space? How to reach "space popularity list", gains the title out of the ordinary? Then for you detailed one by one. The new line of personal space: "Westward Journey 2" anniversary big festival, millions of friendship benefits back to fiery strikes! The anniversary celebration invited animal you sing while drinking win, brand Promo "Hu Ge brothers": to have the full version of friendship Friendship Club released a series of activities are for you to! The "Westward Journey" in the 2 edition of the classic, classic wind, one of hundreds of millions of reputation! The classic version of the official website: "Westward Journey 2 Free Edition", "big 2" NetEase brand extension — 360° green free, easy money, classic return! Free version of the official website: Meiti相关的主题文章: