Shanghai chlor alkali chemical Limited by Share Ltd 2016 semi annual report summary – Sohu securities important of the 1.1 semi annual report from the semi annual report, investors want to know the details, should carefully read and published on the Shanghai stock exchange website China commission the semi annual report on the designated website. 1.2 company profile two major financial data and financial data of 2.1 main shareholders: unit: RMB yuan 2.2 of the top ten shareholders unit: 2.3 shares the controlling shareholder or actual controller to change the situation is not suitable for three management discussion and analysis (a) the board discussion and Analysis on the operation of the company in 2016 report during the period, China economy has entered a new normal L "development, chlor alkali industry as an important basic chemical raw materials industry, facing to production, to inventory pressure reduction, the contradiction of the prominent pile up in excess of requirement. The first half of the year on the development of chlor alkali industry mainly embodies four characteristics: one is the leading product capacity change slightly, production growth, capacity utilization has improved. The first half of caustic soda production capacity increased slightly, PVC capacity continued negative growth, as of the end of June, compared to the end of caustic soda production capacity growth of 260 thousand tons, PVC capacity is reduced in the first half of 150 thousand tons. Two domestic caustic soda market is relatively stable, the overall market for pvc. The domestic caustic soda market in the first quarter of the overall performance of the doldrums, the two quarter of regional price movements vary, but the PVC market in the first half continued to rise, prices relatively strong, especially in late June by the PVC futures market rose to PVC, the overall rise in the spot price. Three export market is shrinking caustic soda exports, and a substantial increase in PVC exports. Total exports of 960 thousand tons of caustic soda, a decrease of 81 thousand tons, PVC exports of 570 thousand and 400 tons, an increase of 46%. Four industry profitability has improved, but the main downstream industry growth is still weak, the main raw material market downturn. Since 2015, the real estate investment in new projects, lack of power, the main downstream industry plastic production in recent years of sluggish growth, 2016 plastic industry in the first half growth rate has improved, but the application of PVC in the main downstream pipe and profile industry is still weak. Alumina industry continues to weaken, the role of stimulating demand for caustic soda weakened. In the face of complex and difficult business situation, the company actively, to grasp the science, "lowering the efficiency of transformation and development" as the guiding ideology, and promote the construction of the project area of chemical industry, the steady implementation of structural adjustment in Wujing area, accelerate the exploration of the strategy of "going out" pace. Production and operation of the company in the first half of a smooth operation, operating income of 3 billion 119 million yuan, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of $12 million 330 thousand. First, vigorously promote the company’s strategic adjustment 1, to further accelerate the process of chemical industry projects. The development of the key projects of chemical industry area and the prophase work of the project is the basic condition for the development of the chemical industry zone high end agglomeration. The first half of 2016, the company seize the implementation of the project, strict time node, to promote the project preparatory work according to the plan. Has been completed on the day相关的主题文章: