[Shandong] good scenery Yimeng Mountain Tourism Sohu – 5 in the morning, I boarded the top of the magnificent sunrise, Mengshan turtle, met the " " cloud The rosy clouds are slowly rising.; Mengshan, Wanshan; then the clouds are hidden. The altitude of 1156 meters is the main peak of Mengshan Mengding turtle, Yimeng mountain area of Linyi city in Shandong province is located in the south of Mengyin, Pingyi at the junction of two counties of Shandong Province, the second peak, and the distance across Taishan, known as the "Temple", named after the turtles prostrate in the sky like a cloud. When it comes to Yimeng Mountain, you will not help but think that the first popular "mountain minor". Yimeng Mountain good scenery, unique daigu, landform, conceal those red mark. In other words, no Yimeng Mountains, maybe there will be the Eight Route Army 115 division of Shandong and Jiefang District; no Yimeng Mountains, may slow down the process of the war of liberation. According to legend, many years ago, there are foreign tourists to Linyi in search of Yimeng Mountain, even the local people do not know where the mountain. In fact, Yimeng Mountain is not only the old revolutionary base areas, or a human geography and tourism concept, refers to the Yi and Meng for geographical indications of mountains, hills, plains, Yishan scenic area, contains the Yun Meng scenic, scenic guimeng Lei three scenic spots, center view area of 148 square kilometers, is a world cultural heritage site of the Great Wall of Qi and the world famous longevity shrine. There is a small monument in Confucius Lu guimeng Lei Dingli, Chuan Confucius resort, "Mencius. Dedicated": "Kong Zideng and Lu Dongshan, Taishan board and small world", "Dongshan" refers to mengshan. The turtle on top of jade emperor temple is the highest at the viewing. On the viewing platform overlooking the surrounding valleys, but see the clouds, mountains are arch, refreshing. In the turtle like standing in the clouds above it, but feel, cloud sleeves, Xia cage brow, wind whistling ringing in the ears. Inadvertently, the sun came out of the sea, the mountains dyed golden moment. In order to meet the first sunshine in the morning, visitors will have stuck in the tent here. Every year in September sixteen, Mengshan International Festival will attract a large number of camping tents and camping enthusiasts to Yimeng mengding. Dragon Turui, wind was blowing. Like a rock cliff, bathed in the dawn of the Peach-Shaped Mantou. The Jade Emperor Temple towering fountain, allegedly two turtle that I can see is the leading turtle body, do not know what to pay attention to. See the Jade Emperor Temple from another angle. Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, literati poet, Emperor Mengshan has attracted the attention of. The Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, Du Fu was visiting Monsanto, Du Fu wrote "Yu Yidong cast off, pity brother sandra. Drunk sleep were together on the same day for the autumn, "quotes. Mengshan is "Dongyi culture" the birthplace of one of the Zhou Dynasty, was sealed in Mengshan sacrifice. Song Xining eight years, Song Shenzong Feng Ling Xian Zhuan Yu throne submarine Hou, and for five years, Song Huizong has dubbed him the martyrs Zhao king Ji Huimin. Jin Ming Chang years (1190-1195) was enshrined as the Mengshan God, and the temple was built in the mountains, for people to worship. Go to Taiwan from the turtle Mengding interval, a mountain, can walk the path along the cliff in the past. In order to save energy and time, I decided to take the ropeway to mengshan.相关的主题文章: