Seventeen year old girl multiple pregnancy do stream of people, uterine perforation, cause lifelong infertility – Sohu maternal and child is seventeen years old, pure and beautiful. And the little chicken can only lay in bed for a few months, can not move, because move, her abdominal pain. At this time, she regretted at first, could not help but burst into tears. The reason is she multiple pregnancy abortion, uterine perforation, finally have a home in stream of people after the road collapsed, nakedness bleeding, and then her body was severely damaged, resulting in lifelong infertility. She now in high school, single parent families grew up by his grandmother, outgoing personality, but the academic performance in general, all day absenteeism, go to the bar, was eventually dropped out of the school. Xiaofeng’s boyfriend is unemployed youth, Xiaofeng know the situation, had no trace. After pregnancy do stream of people is not new, especially adolescent abortion, we do not feel strange news. But what are the dangers of multiple abortions? According to the Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital maternity experts, all over the world, about 30 million people have abortions each year, 10-20 million women died of abortion. Taiwan experts said the people, will cause great damage to the uterus, cause uterine wall thinning, and infertility or habitual abortion is formed, or may lead to tubal blockage infertility, and the female’s body constitution will have great harm, multiple births, and even death! Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital experts pointed out that the excessive number of people may lead to infection, cause inflammation of Department of gynaecology in painless, if medical instrument disinfection is not strict or flow operation room standard unqualified, may cause infection in women, in operation, in addition, after the stream of people, if not pay attention to health or a month without sexual life in full after stream of people, is likely to cause postoperative infection. Due to improper operation of vaginal mucosa, cervical mouth and other parts of the damage, once the bacterial infection, will cause gynecological inflammation. Taiwan experts stressed that multiple births, has made the uterine wall thinning, usually the doctor to do when people surgery cannot see the uterine cavity, "blind operation". Often a minority because of lack of preoperative check of uterine position, size, direction and surgical instruments into the uterus curvature is not consistent, or excessive force caused injury to the uterus, and perforation of uterus rupture, serious or life-threatening need. The expert explained, even after the operation, a series of sequels will let you die. Inflammation, abdominal pain, irritability, fatigue, back pain and sexual dysfunction, rough skin, decreased energy, insomnia, dizziness and other symptoms of forgetfulness or discomfort of a kind of disease. It is because many Xiaofeng abortion, uterine perforation, although not life-threatening, but she cannot lead to lifelong fertility, and abdominal pain, back pain and inflammation with her life! Taiwan experts call the girl to take care of yourself, what is not a healthy body. The girl does not exceed 3 times, not more than 2 times a year abortion. In order to protect the uterus, female friends should actively contraception, if pregnant, need abortion, also want to go to the regular hospital, do not go to the unlicensed unlicensed small clinic.相关的主题文章: