Customer Service Capturing memories in motion is something a Samsung camcorder can do with utmost precision. Also, since the new range of high definition camcorders has been making waves in the market ever since its launch, its only befitting the regalia of this fantastic product that it be revered as the most stunning invention in recent times in terms of home camera technology. The HMX-Q10BP, one of the most advanced pieces to technology to .e out of the Samsung line of products, is a remarkable achievement not just for the brand, but for the entire industry! To begin with its list of features, it gives the user the provision of recording videos at 1920 X 1080 60i gull HD resolution, so that every moment can be relived in the most vivid manner, with all the details. The image intensity is preserved in all its fervour, and when they are viewed on high definition televisions or monitors, the effect is something else altogether! The HD camcorder on the Q10 camcorder is backed by the advanced BSI CMOS technology, which basically delivers double the sensitivity .pared to regular CMOS sensors to reduce image noise & distortion, and enhance recording quality in low light conditions. So, whether its a lounge night with friends, or a dinner at a dimly lit restaurant, more light can be shed on memories! One of the most significant problems towards handling a camcorder .es in case of left handed people, since samsung camcorder are generally crafted for right handers. However, not any more, as the Q10 is the first camcorder in its class that features the Switch Grip function that gives the user the option of holding the camcorder in the left hand as well. The in-built G-magnetic sensor identifies when the camcorder itself, as well as its LCD display, is turned, so as to know which hand it is being held in. So now, one can take the shots according to his/her convenience. Intuitiveness and user friendliness is something that .es inherent with Samsung products, since the brand believes in simplifying technology for users, and same is the case with the Q10, for using its multiple technological advancements that have taken shape of features is not .plicated at all. One of the most vivid examples is flipping the LCD screen to switch on the camera. Also, twisting and opening the LCD screen will set the Q10 to playback mode, while the Smart Touch 3.0 feature makes operating the camcorder even easier. Shaky videos are the worst mood-breakers, since one really gets disappointed to see that the moment has not been captured in all its essence. However, with the Samsung Q10, the Optical Image Stabiliser Duo feature, powered by an in-built chip, allows for adjustment of the slightest hand or body movements, so that videos are always as steady as one would want them to be. Also, the stabilising area is maximised, and the shaky area minimised, so that one can shoot optimum quality videos even while moving about. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: