Interview S6 finals before RNG: most worried about eight sources have goals: PentaQ photography, interview: thirteen, Danny two dogs in September 6, 2016, Shanghai floating drizzle, Royal Club door had gathered a large number of media. After a few days, the RNG team will depart for South Korea to the world before the last training. After that, they will be united from South Korea to fight in the field of S6. So, this is the last time before these players at home and chat with the chance. Due to visit the club most of the players just get up, we decided in addition to serious questions about the world cup, add some more interesting, more can let the players bring the spirit, such as "go to the world championships must take things" and "with a few words to describe your idea of America", of course, and the RNG style is very fit and "everlasting" topic — food. The following is an interview with each team member. Uzi Q:Uzi S3, S4 and S6 through the three generation of the expedition clothes, what kind of evaluation for the new campaign clothing? Uzi: it is quite good, there is a sign of the dragon, looks very domineering. Before Q:55 came to visit the Royal Club, as his old teammates, and what you say? Uzi: he said to me and let me play well, there is nothing to say. Q:S5 you missed the world cup, now back to the world, how the mood? Uzi: still very happy, also feel very lucky, came to RNG. Because they have been very good results, so it is easier to enter the S6. Hope to be able to make a good score. Q: the last time I went to the United States in 2013, where there is no good food left a deep impression on you? Uzi: delicious…… I remember there was a big lobster, and then met with fans, we set up a "town of treasure – especially large crab. Q: what kind of preparations will be made for this trip? Uzi: to maintain a good state, in fact, to play the normal level has been very good. Q: the new version is more demanding for the player’s online capabilities, and you’re a particularly strong online player. What do you think of the new version? Uzi: This version does pay more attention to the next line to the line, but if you have been very fierce on the line, the fight against the wild will also come to you…… And now the wild gank is actually very easy to play, there will not be the kind of two people can have the next road to fight the situation of three people, basically you are gank to be sure to die. Q: if you were asked to take three things this time, what would you choose? Uzi:…… Socks (laughs). Q: how many words to describe the United States? Uzi: it’s nice and comfortable. 55 open and former teammate Uzi Q: this time if you bring a food to go, what would you bring? Uzi: I will bring instant noodles, because I really like to eat instant noodles. Q: are there any teams and players who want to play this time? Uzi: look forward to playing with the South Korean team. Now;相关的主题文章: