"Romance" role debut with our ocean ahead of the Lunar New Year bursting point – "Romance" marine entertainment Sohu announced the scheduled November 25th, the North American release Sohu synchronous entertainment news by "crazy animal", "Super City Corps", "frozen" original cast to create animated adventure comedy "marine romance" (Moana) before the date announced set file synchronization in November 25th, the North American release. At the same time, the exposure of the file notice and posters harvest a big wave. Visual effects to create a magical world full of fantasy adventure film dazzling, and full of fun and adorable animal playmate image synchronization lead exposure, with bursting point and adorable little. "Crazy" super animal city "corps" original cast to create dazzling visual effects "star + look" detonated "marine romance" as Disney Animation Studios produced fifty-sixth animated works, Disney’s 2016 animated film wrap film. The film tells the story of a adventurous girl Moana, to save her people embark on an adventure journey, and the demigod Maui go across the sea, in an effort to complete the process of the hitherto unknown adventure and exploration, to find missing self and grow. With the notice issued, the film visual effects are exquisite beyond compare shocking debut, stunning. Realistic water effects, vivid characters, free shuttle dolphin wizard, a high degree of reduction of the Oceania tropical island style, as if people enter the singular beautiful dreams; and ruthless wild storms to roar, ferocious beast, rolling sea coconut Legion ships, the dark mysterious ancient legend. And create a fantastic magical adventure in the world for the audience. A lot of fans comment comments in advance reservation five-star + expect". So the ultimate visual effect comes from a very good behind the scenes production team. The film had created by "the little mermaid", "Aladdin", "the princess and the frog" and many other classic Disney animation works of Ron Claremont? (Ron, Clements) is John (John Musker) two musk? Director jointly directed by "Crazy", "super city animal corps", "the original cast was" frozen. In order to make the film special effects give the audience the ultimate experience, two directors to the legendary birthplace painter even organized folk songs, the Pacific island scenery unfold through animation techniques. For the final result expectation, director John? Musk bluntly: "we hope this film can let the audience personally on the scene." Our role comes with full debut ahead of the Lunar New Year bursting point in the exposure of the trailer and posters, in addition to the dazzling visual effects realistic, our characters have all appeared, very eye-catching. The rich amount of information notice just 60 seconds, several main characters vivid, full of funny character. During the trip, the girl Moana in the sea and facing the unknown fear day in and day out, brave forward, sometimes naivete and dolphin tough yet independent racing together bridle to bridle, naive dream; playfully and adorable demigod Maui, from time to time with the girl Moana bicker frolic, fierce in the face of coconut.相关的主题文章: