Ribeka: the winter place is certainly worth the money to buy a all-match coat after winter N failure, heard that Guangzhou is finally going to cool tomorrow. The first winter this year, I want to coat. In the cold winter, warm and stylish, it is definitely the best choice. As early as in 80s, the French designer Anna · · (Anne Marie Beretta) once said: "the coat is a woman’s first hiding place." You always ask me what to buy winter clothes, it also used to say, of course, one of the most expensive place to buy a good quality coat. Buy the right, maybe you can wear it for a lifetime ~ ~ however, the choice of the market, although many coats, but want to find a perfect coat for their own, is not easy, but once the wrong, is a waste. After all, dozens of pieces of hundreds of pieces of T-shirt to buy inappropriate is not so distressed, hundreds of thousands of dollars for the coat, once it is not appropriate to burn tears ah ~ don’t ask me why I know. And when to buy, not only a hundred tire wear, perhaps also to the next generation. In order to let everyone I walk less detours, and today we will talk about how to choose a perfect coat, let us each put on it all. We often say "gas bursting beauty in bone in the skin." the version is a perfect coat bone, choose the version type, you are not far away from my coat. A version of a good coat should be smooth lines, slender and crisp. Whether it is on a hanger or worn on the human body is three-dimensional, stylish. So the version in addition to look at the general shape is suitable for your body, but also to look at some specific styles and details, which together determine a coat is perfect: a look at the waist waist almost half coat version of the type of decision. Coat of the general version can be divided into A shape, H shape, X shape, cocoon shape, I have written last year, the unity of the end of the text. Different version in waist is very obvious. So we said before, H had no obvious waist coat, almost every figure. We even have extra baggage, can HOLD live. The premise is fit. So the big waist dress is X type coat we say is also suitable for most people, especially the thoracic spinal fine woman, and it is comparatively formal wear to formal occasions can suppress. We have no waist coat type cocoon although it can cover the meat, then a small pot no waist thick mostly in fear, but it also need your shoulder line, not large nor beautiful chest peace, legs should be fine, where the thin thin, the hold up the place you have to afford it. Want to buy, pick a short paragraph. A lot of people think we can’t handle in a hobbit long coat. But the practice tells me not, as long as the line to find a prospective, waist in long coats, more high than a short paragraph. Come a little taller and high waist, leg length is two meters. But the little pick this dress skirt, remember not too much too long, will appear more short. So the waist coat waist location is very important. The Hobbit]相关的主题文章: