Overview and History iDrive is a service of Pro Soft. Corporation, an ASP and Inter. Solutions Provider based in Woodland Hills, CA. From its incorporation in 1995, Pro Soft. Corp. has been using the power of IT by providing .-based solutions and adhoc Web Software solutions for a host of Fortune 100 corps.. Pro Soft. also provide iBackup which is designed squarely at the business arena. Feature Set Security The web portal is password protected and secured with 128bit SSL encryption during transfer to and from the data centers. Once on the servers your information is protected with 256bit AES encryption and the function to set a private key. Physically, the iDrive program is stored at data centers in the United States. The world-class facilities are specifically designed with raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones and seismically braced racks. They give the largest range of physical security features, including state-of-the-art smoke detection and fire suppression systems, motion detectors, round-the-clock secured access, video camera surveillance and security breach alarms. Backup Features iDrive archives your information using block level incrementation so just the bits of the files that are amended get uploaded. Continuous backup is also used to ensure your data is archived as soon as it changes. In addition, you can configure backups for specific times if you wish. Unusually for online backup solutions, both .work drives and removable media can be included in the archive set. However, open and locked files cannot be archived on .work and removable drives. Files and folders can be added to the archive set using right-click on windows PCs and there are status notifications and progress indicators to inform you which files are being backed up and which are still awaiting backup. Support is provided for up to thirty versions of every file archived . If you have a lot of data to backup, iDrive provides a ‘Rapid Serve’ service for a one-off fee of just over $70. If you Take advantage of this service, iDrive will deliver to you an external USB hard drive to plug into your PC. You can then copy all your essential information onto the supplied drive and send it back to them. They will upload it to your account, reducing the first backup time from weeks to just a few days. Restore Features Files can be restored from the local client by right-clicking on the file or directory you wish to restore or from the web portal by navigating to the file you need restored and choosing the edition you want to recover. Control and Analysis There is no speed management yet there are bandwidth controls. Logging and reporting is available from both the inter. site and the client software. Support for socks and https proxy servers is also provided. Interface There is a admin portal in the basic, pro and family editions and a far more expanded admin portal in the SME version. Multi-account management is available in the Family and SME versions. All editions require the client software. Device Support Windows and MAC client PCs as well as server machines are supported as are any . enabled machines via the online portal. There are specific apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android. There is also a plugin for wordpress to let you archive your blog website! Limitations The Basic, Pro and Family editions cannot be used for business. The Basic and Pro editions allow archiving of a single device; the family version lets upto five devices per account and the business edition lets upto 100 accounts. File Sharing and Collaboration iDrive is a backup service, not a collaboration or file sharing service. Synchronization Devices are synchronized with the web portal but not directly with each other. Synchronization of more than on device is only an option in the Family and business versions. Web 2.0 Integration None. Customer Support Phone support is available in business hours only. Live Chat and email support are provided. Self-help is available via user guides, white papers, data sheets, FAQs, testimonials, case studies and a demo. There is no forum but there is a blog. There is no free trial but there is a free version which supplies 2Gb of space. Ease of Use The client program takes a few minutes to download and configure. In under 5 minutes you should be starting your initial backup. Both the portal and client interfaces are easy to use and with the windows explorer extension installed you are able to right-click on any file and either archive it immediately or add it to the scheduled backup. Restores are also easy, if there are lots of versions of a file, then you can choose whichever version you want via date stamp. There is also a very useful search ability for all backed up files. Cost Initial setup cost: free Monthly Cost: Basic – free; Pro – $4.95/mth; Family – $14.95/mth; SME – from $9.95/mth to $49.95/mth Yearly Cost: Basic – free; Pro – $49.50/yr; Family – $149.50/yr; SME – from $99.50/yr to $499.50/yr Initial allowed storage amount: Basic – 2Gb; Pro – 150Gb; Family – 500Gb; SME – from 50Gb to 500Gb+ Cost of additional storage: SME – $0.50/gb/mth Cost of additional devices / PCs / users: n/a E-billing facility: Yes Conclusion If you are looking for a easy to use, no frills inter. backup solution then iDrive is a great choice. The pricing is good and the family and corporate editions offer useful and appropriate extra features to permit the control of many accounts / devices. The interface is simple and crisp, the client software does not use many resources and the encoding of your data both in transit and when on their servers is as good as any bank. 相关的主题文章: