Just stay on the demolition resettlement housing, "city" can blind – Beijing view of resettlement housing just live and demolition, there is a clear need through professional assessment, screening mechanism to clarify whether before planning too short-sighted, is now planning too subversive? Just live in resettlement housing, but also demolished. This Zaoxin thing happened in Zhejiang of Shaoxing city under the jurisdiction of Shengzhou city streets Sanjiang new community one hundred villagers who. Five years ago, year of the project construction will be a total of 1820 people, three village, 695 villagers in the whole village relocation, resettlement resettlement to form the homestead now combined village, some villagers can stay until August this year, they suddenly received a notice, said here will be the transformation of villages, the villagers vacated requirements before the end of November. Although there is no common local relocation compensation disputes, most of the villagers after the relocation of millions of compensation can be obtained, but they still do not want to toss. Many local villagers said well: money is a waste of the country. This is the phrase "planning mistakes is the biggest waste, planning is the biggest taboo toss" tune interlinked. In fact, it is a waste of public money is over Clay oven rolls planning, the local people live right from — each demolition, they are at the end of the receiver, the housing demand is blind. Planning Zuiji, inconstant in policy is lack of continuity, China’s "urban and rural planning law in clear," the overall planning of a city or town planning period is generally 20 years, is also planning to speak for a rainy day. Why should the local new houses erected in the resettlement area of urban village transformation? The local authorities responsible person, and village is a core area of coordinated development in Shengzhou Xinchang area, the transformation is based on the "13th Five-Year plan", is the strategic needs and Planning Bureau at the year of the village land resettlement way is wrong, "the short-sighted". When this is the placement strategy, this strategy is now taken, at first glance, this is the resettlement housing location and delimitation of urban village reconstruction by overlapping range. The two crash just shows, two planning in forward-looking and continuity is not seamless connection, one must have the deficiencies in planning. Now, just live and resettlement housing demolition, is the ultimate explanation for the apparently necessary harass the people and waste money, through professional assessment, screening mechanism to clarify whether before planning too short-sighted, is now planning too subversive? In our country has a clear responsibility for lifelong accountability system in the background, the responsibility of the responsibility for the responsibility of the planning mistakes to be accountable. It is worth mentioning that the two contradictory planning is the leadership of two were launched, there is no leadership make Naomen decision, not to say, but it also suggests using rigid procedures to ensure the long-term importance of planning: let the city planning major professional and public opinion, and to the NPC for consideration by the government it has legal effect, approval, is the key. Now the local resettlement housing demolition, but also a pity. According to the local urban village reconstruction program, here to be built into commercial and residential areas. Reconstruction of the village is not equal to have others road demolition, for those new houses, can consider to make use of existing building resources, supplemented by supporting the withdrawal of the village to the project? )相关的主题文章: