Replacement of old vehicles scrapped trouble 4S commitment but sold to others – Beijing, with a 13 year old car to 4S shop replacement, a commitment to scrapping treatment. A few months later, the owners actually received notice of violation — on the Traffic and patrol police car recently, who lives Jiulongpo Ma Wang Xiang Ms. He for this sleepless nights, and 24 hours to Chongqing Evening News Hotline 966988 for help. Good scrapped but received the ticket the day before yesterday afternoon, in Jiulongpo Kai Chen Dongfeng South Yu of franchise stores, Ms. He told the Chongqing evening news reporter said that at the end of April this year, she will be home with 13 years of Volkswagen Gore car to the 4S shop for replacement, spent nearly 80 thousand yuan to buy a car Kai Chen T70 cross-country the car, also includes a set of vehicle traveling data recorder. He said that the 4S shop staff had verbally promised to scrap the old car disposal, she did not care about the matter. Until October 28th of this year, she received a text message to the police patrol, said the old car in the Yongchuan area illegal parking. "At that time, I felt wrong, it is clear that the waste disposal, even if the 4S store will sell the car, it should inform me transfer it." He said, for fear of the car accident he bear responsibility, she repeatedly contact the 4S shop, but the other answer perfunctory. Since the transfer of the money is not good, she said, she was removed with the purchase of the old car Liu Qiang (a pseudonym) get in touch, the other said the car has been sold to Luo Liang (a pseudonym). "I contact with Luo Liang, I hope he will handle the transfer procedures. The other said to buy this car spent 4000 yuan, do transfer to more than 3000 yuan, do not want to pay the transfer fee. He said that she made concessions, put forward their own to bear the transfer fee, but Luo Liang no longer pick up her phone, which makes her quite helpless. He believes that he was cheated 4S shop: at that time, said the car will be scrapped, but the 4S shop not only sold the car, but also do not have the appropriate transfer procedures, to add so much trouble to their own. She sent to the Chongqing evening news reporter sent Yongchuan District patrol sent a text message, as well as her replacement contract with the 4S store. Chongqing evening news reporter noted that the contract that Ms. he should bear the responsibility of default, not agreed after the replacement of 4S shop will be how to deal with the vehicle at the same time, the contract only 4S shop staff signature, no official seal. 4S store promised to assume the transfer fee 6 pm the day before yesterday, the 4S store manager Wu came to the store. After the replacement of the old car, the two sides agreed to scrap the car?" Reporter asked, Wu did not deny. He said that the shop the cars sold to Liu Qiang, agreed by the other and Ms. He contact the transfer formalities. Liu Qiang did not think the car will be sold, "we are also victims." Wu manager dialed the phone, hoping the other side as soon as possible to handle the transfer procedures. Luo Liang said he was in Yongchuan, temporarily unable to handle the time. For this result, Ms. He said it is difficult to accept, both parties to choose Luo Liang for transfer procedures, if the other party refused, Ms. He and the shop will alarm. In addition, 4S shop commitment will bear the transfer fee. Chongqing evening news reporter Wen Han photo coverage.相关的主题文章: