Rainbow Night as music, just out of the bad and millet on the pinch – Sohu technology [Technews] science news Monday morning, media headlines are almost as CEO Jia Yueting to reflect the ecological expansion too fast, resulting in funds face a huge challenge news. Jia Yueting believes that music is in Rainbow Night, ecological chain layout, LETV pattern is recognized as rising flames ", while the LeEco strategy to achieve fast pace, and is facing the organization funding challenge" cold water". In order to change the situation, as the next goal is the development of "farewell to money expansion, focusing on the existing ecological". Before Jia Yueting issued, the industry Tucao and criticism about music as "burning" has not cut off. Today, finally face the problem and decided to change the music, ought to harvest some positive evaluation. However, under the drag of the pig teammates, the music as soon as possible into a dispute with the friends of the business. 1 this afternoon, LETV eco posted a picture on micro-blog, has caused a great disturbance. Why is this picture suspected millet technology CEO Lei Jun and electronics industry analyst Sun Changxu chat screenshot. The music as ecological release of suspected Lei Jun (Source: speech music as ecological micro-blog) in the screenshots, Lei LETV broke the arrears totaling more than 15 billion yuan, four or five more than 1 billion suppliers arrears. Later, Lei Jun is not too small to comment: "the earth, some people, everyone can concentrate on work". For the screenshot of the dialogue, music, as the ecological anger in micro-blog said millet black technology is the means of black competitors". The millet company spokesman anti choking music as ecology (Source: millet company spokesman for micro-blog) then, millet company spokesman was quick to respond to the music as ecology, only two points, one is to make music as a supply chain problem of arrears, don’t distract the dirty; two is to inform investors and users in the end how much money owed the supply chain. In addition, millet also denied to the media to verify the authenticity of the screenshot. "Sun Changxu suggested LETV nonsense. (Source: Sun Changxu micro-blog) as another party Sun Changxu in micro-blog pictures, suggesting that music as nonsense. (shrimp bullshit). In this regard, the "eat melon" people have expressed their views, most people agree that the possibility of the screenshots of PS is relatively large, and do not understand why the style of music as ecology suddenly "mentally retarded". Another part of the people, stand in the angle that LETV, music as ecological if it’s good for the company, should not publish this message at this juncture, let the music become more passive. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news (read: first figure source: LETV ecological micro-blog)相关的主题文章: