Quasi 15 parenting parents notice bad habits, the book can not see the knowledge! Sohu first became a mother’s maternal women in the face of Aoao preserved baby not only curious, there will be some confusion, especially in the older generation "diligently" under the instruction, will inevitably form many seemingly correct mistakes but actual parenting practices below, small as we integrate some parenting taboos and precautions. I hope to help the young mother, count and see you account for a few? 1, the urine frequently do not know why so many parents put so easy to use diapers not only frequently to the children of the urine. Do the harm is really too much, the development is not good for the child’s spine, sphincter, prone to hemorrhoids and rectal prolapse, but also harmful to children’s psychological development! 2, shake the baby to sleep sometimes face the crying baby will not sleep, a lot of mothers will shake the baby around, because the use of this method, the baby will soon be noisy, slowly fall asleep". Although the downside of this approach is not like some of the so-called science says so scary, but it’s a bad habit, finally be sure it is your own involvement. Are you ready for the baby to sleep every time to shake it in the end? 3 night, wake up your baby eat milk baby hungry, many parents worry about baby food, often at night to wake up the baby feeding. In fact, the baby is hungry to wake up, wake up to eat, eat sleep is a normal work and rest rules, do not intervene. Frequent night to wake up the baby, easily disrupted sleep patterns of the baby, the baby becomes a night owl, suffering or children, adults can’t sleep well! 4, lay some feeding when mom to your baby, because of the long time feel tired, just lying to your baby, so the baby can drink to sleep, not knowing that the way of feeding breaches. First of all, prone to suffocation accident is not much to say, such an example is simply too much, and this posture is likely to cause the baby choking milk. In addition, all the baby teeth soaked in milk, residual in the mouth of the milk will be corrupt acid production, and then the baby’s teeth corrosion. For a long time, easy tooth decalcification, crown a falling child "". But this posture is easy to form the "day", ugly! 5, pure water is used in powdered milk more healthy pure water removed most of the various elements and trace elements, long-term drinking will cause child nutrients intake; mineral water contains the nutrients and excessive, long-term drinking will cause excessive intake of some elements in children. The correct way is to use boiled water. 6, let the baby sleep in the middle of the parents in the baby’s bed, this is a very serious mistake oh. In the first place, when adults breathe at night, they consume a lot of oxygen, and at the same time they breathe out a lot of exhaust gas. Children in the growth, oxygen consumption is very large, if the baby to sleep hypoxia, will affect the baby’s growth and development, at the same time, also caused the baby to sleep at night nightmares, suddenly crying)相关的主题文章: