Psychology of marriage: 6 women can make a man get mad (Figure 6) a woman can make a man get mad now this society, when a woman is always active man jumped to solve all the problems, to the small details of life, the career seemed to be able to give advice and suggestions, to solve any difficult man cannot overcome when would you say men will be madly in love with her, will want to marry quickly, but it is not the case. It is said that there are 6 kinds of women, men have to go around to see. Ladies and gentlemen, you don’t have to be these women! 1, money wasteful either men or women, a family with a personal wasteful may have forced by life that day. A man if a family is wasteful, there may be a sense of crisis. If a woman wasteful, men have more money, have the ability to large enough to find her flowers, diamond bachelor, it may not be enough to defeat her. A woman can spend money, but money to spend valuable, of course, want to spend money to make money. 2, a man imprisoned men need communication arrogance, need to face, need a sense of accomplishment. If a woman does not support his communication, is tantamount to direct him up, over time, his circle will continue to shrink, he lost may not just his friends, there may be opportunities. Communication, including specific, if a woman in this area put not to open, is asking for trouble. Men need friends of the opposite sex and the same sex, more friends, more career opportunities. Bound his circle of communication, is likely to break his fortune road. Love him, let go of his hand, let him go to fight for you, let him have a sense of accomplishment of life. 3, mouth no door, cupboard everywhere yang man face, than his pocket important credit card. A man can give you a credit card, but must not allow you in the back. A woman who loves to reveal his secrets to friends, colleagues or family is a woman who will not please a man. Sometimes a man needs is not a good wife, need is a considerate wife to keep a secret. 4, like candy woman an independent woman is full of charm, but if a woman is not independent, it will be very terrible. Men like independent women, because the independent woman know how to enjoy life, know how to enrich themselves. Women need to understand that life is not just love, but also work and hobbies, should find their favorite things in life, to build their own life circle, even if one day left him, you can live well. 5 suspicious people, a woman born of love to be sensitive to many, have a little wind sways grass, may lead to her emotional. The man came back late, she would like to ask, the man drank, she would like to ask a clear, even a man out to eat a meal, she also asked him to eat with a man is a woman. Long suspicious, could only make man collapse, what he thought and you live together, planning for the future together? If you love him, trust him. 6, the princess disease in the world can be called the little princess, but the princess disease There are plenty of people who are.相关的主题文章: