This phrase proud to be Kenyan which is utterly everywhere on the local media got me thinking really hard. Perhaps the only one who can explain what he or she really had in mind is the one who coined it. Otherwise, this phrase requires people of high intellectuals like our long dead freedom fighters. Men of substance whose strong personalities was never quaked by incorrect beliefs that only the rich should feel liberalized to enjoy the fruits of being in a democratic country like Kenya. If these freedom heroes rise from their graves today, I am sure they would still be proud to be Kenyan. This is however contrary to todays generation whose delight is on material possessions other than wisdom. This is just what I think but I am sure this topic is subject to deliberation of all sorts. It is not many people who think critically about this phrase without bringing in the issue of first bridging the gap between the rich and the poor for the pride to overflow. Taking that in consideration, anyone can witness how much Kenyans have deviated from the customs of our fore fathers. But the truth is, we are living in different times when change is in every possible way irresistible. If not so, it must be revelation time when things should unveil in true colors. When it is no longer possible to hide our true feelings and pretend to be what we are not. During the olden days, people knew how to separate happiness from their problems, expectations, goals name them all. In other words, being free from the cruel hands of a colonialist was enough for them to feel and shout this phrase from deep down their hearts. However today, it is not possible for us to do this because we have instilled erroneous beliefs in our minds that we can not be proud and happy until: we drive a fleet of luxurious cars, or we embrace true prosperity and security during our lifetime. Should the poor be proud as well? The arguments of poor and ordinary make immense sense to anyone who is willing to listen and reason. Without money, one has few friends but abundance of hardships. Money talks nowadays; with it you can have women to take care of your loneliness, also judges to take of your corrupt deals and name them all. On the contrary, the poor man can not have justice, not even basic needs, employment, security and to some extent genuine love among other things. How can one be proud to be a Kenyan if they are young, intelligent and vibrant but can not find employment? When they shut their last gate from college, the prospective employer shut theirs simultaneously. If they had any savings set for the hard to get jobs, all is lost while sending those applications and curriculum vitae one after another followed by profound frustration. Not even a regret letter! The next thing you know is that our Kenyan youths are taking pleasure on abuse of drugs, alcohol, theft and irresponsible sexual behaviors. 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