Marketing-Direct A Product Manager of the "Google Maps" division has recently announced significant new feature that makes things easier for everyone. You can now add an interactive maps to your hotel websites in just three SIMPLE passages. Let your location pages be a little more pleasurable (and useful): 1. Go to the Google maps and display the map of interest by entering directions or name of your City. 2. Clicking on "link to this page" in the upper side of the page you’ll find an easy "Paste HTML to embed in website". 3. Paste the text in the HTML code of your web page where you want to display the map (recalling YouTube videos, uhm?). That’s all! Location is the most important part of hotel websites – with few exceptions, decide for the hotel because of its position. It is therefore essential to stress the location and the attractions of the zone. A descriptive interactive map it’s what you need. The User Generated Content as a form of middlemen – is the travel purchase trend changing? If you feel all the eyes of your guests on you (and your website) an interactive Google map could be the best way to create non-commercial communication on your website. Maps are really useful and you can empower the description of the hotel local attractions. Add to your map location’s points of interest – To make it a little more attractive and functional, you can customize the map and show the main points of interest of the location (adding descriptions, pictures, videos, drawing lines and forms). You can add itineraries, restaurants, shopsand surely museums and monuments. Everyone can do it, and without the API problem. Thank you Google! Here we have an example of how you can modify your map: For further detailed information refer to the Official Google Maps Website, it’s easy! If I can do it, you surely can About the Author: 相关的主题文章: