Necessary skills of product manager: tell a story – the Sohu needs technology for product managers, we need to tell a demand for different roles who may be your boss, may have been developed, may be operating, you may also be investors, and these people will be classified into old and new, old partner. The new colleague, this technique is not suitable for all the needs for a similar description, but at the crucial moment, there will be good results. Our thinking is always more powerful than words, which makes it easier for us to understand one thing. Do you have such experience: in the communication, the other is not understand why "one thing" so simple, oh he was "too stupid" this is because you are not good with words and language. I feel very deep, and when I try to write out some skills, always hard, I want to have many times, as a course, we face to face, a few minutes to speak clearly, write to write more than 2 hours, also don’t let you know. I know, but this is a kind of self only, writing is not clear, how do you speak clearly? You have written, and you say, it is merely a form of expression of the text only, in fact, writing much easier for us to better understand, after all, writing is a relatively quiet environment, this will help you to think, and thinking deeply. I try to make myself simple, not to go into the argument, but to complete a narrative. How do you account for the function of sharing the circle of friends? How would you describe the need to share with your friends? Simply put, do you need a sharing feature that allows users to share in the circle of friends? I would like to say this: when we see this article, like this article, I hope to help their own information, passed on to their friends. We all recommend what we think is good to our friends because they are selfless at some point. But, if I need to copy and paste this very laborious, I wouldn’t want to do this, this is too much trouble, but I believe that my friend to see a long dense text, will ask me, what is the. So, I need a sharing feature that allows me to pass this text directly to my friends, and what they see is the same as what I see. So, you will find that the circle of friends to share, is not a requirement, but two share out can be accessed in the external (H5 details page) demand story many times, we discuss the reasons is not smooth, because you do not know what to do, but do not understand why you want to do, how to do. In the product, there is no complete independence of the function, each function must be echoed with other functions, which will be directly reflected in our needs. For sharing, research and development is not without knowing how to share, but do not know, for.相关的主题文章: