Pie: old clothes to wear new have different retro style without these items can not do the girls good evening mosquito today comes on duty! I haven’t written style to create go do not know from what time the fashion circle blowing retro and this year’s autumn and winter show life and growth in nature is like sitting on a time machine one hundred years ago have been popular play a times you said is a reincarnation of fashion and argue that time really belongs to popular beauty makes people who like luxury flash blind 20s jewelry, BOBO head, waist straight up "modern girls" gorgeous uninhibited print "the great Gatsby" Carey Mulligan simplified 30s simpleyet elegant beret, A has become the main style of dress words play so thick waist, shoulder pads, design wide leg pants…… The real wear elegant 40s still fashionable items don’t come to pay more attention to the figure 50s the design of the waist is more prominent umbrella skirt has also become a representative of a single product size 60s on the contrary the weakening trend of A curve to build handsome profile dress miniskirt, distinctive pop elements constitute the exclusive so warm and lively in hippie style popular 70s in bell bottoms, printing, color socks much like 40s love you beyond count big shoulders 80s fusion style is more punk and neutral suits, with exaggerated ornaments are popular in this era we actually said so much is not difficult to find many items still popular and open You will always have so many pieces of the wardrobe in line with the above characteristics of the times to create retro nature also is not what is that I will take a look at these who have what to wear vintage items amounting to 1.     X skirt; skirt waist prominent sure you will have a nice shirt, dress more fashionable. Love umbrella skirt strippers to highlight the good figure on which all. 2. On the   loaded   suit jacket (suit) is the representative of the handsome retro wind, want to create a retro wind must prepare a set.     3. With wide leg pants pants   the heat of the collocation method is also varied, and want to wear striped shirt collocation ancient customs best, in the style of choice may wish to try the Siamese overalls, more concise 40s. The young girl movement hippies bellbottoms a sweater 90s also need not worry too exaggerated, lightly cooked ol a small suit and fashion of both occupation. As a representative of the nine handsome wind, the smoke pipe and the most attractive pants, slim knit combination also allows you to like Hepburn and grace. ]相关的主题文章: