PetroChina 25 billion 100 million assets into the *ST days   benefits; restructuring is still facing many difficulties – energy – People’s oil in the oil business asset restructuring further. September 25th, PetroChina’s listed company *ST Tianli issued a report on the acquisition, the oil group plans to plant construction business and other oil service assets into *ST days. And since September 9th announced the reorganization of the news and the resumption of trading in September 22nd, *ST days of continuous closure 4 trading board, *ST days of rare bursts 43 announcement. To September 30th, to close at 6.3 yuan, the resumption of the interval so far rose to 11%. China Petroleum Group in September 27th, the relevant personnel in the China business reporter, said the relevant asset restructuring is currently in the process of examination and approval procedures, in order to prevail. *ST days of the relevant responsible person said in response to a reporter to interview, has been concerned about the stock transaction, will release relevant information in a timely manner, the company is to promote the restructuring. The industry believes that the performance of the underlying asset losses and ownership defects still allow the merger and reorganization of uncertainty. At the same time, asset restructuring is conducive to revitalize the stock of assets, optimize the structure of assets and liabilities. But on the other hand, with the continuous advance of reform, some of the more secretive financial information or passive disclosure of oil, which is not willing to see the oil. Stock prices skyrocketing abruptly the reporter noted, *ST days due to company planning major events, suspended since February 22, 2016. Then a few months to release suspension notice, and finally in September 22nd to resume trading after the resumption of a huge amount of assets in the oil injection restructuring concept stimulated companies soaring stock prices. As of September 26th closing, the stock index fell 2% in the fall of 3000 points, the industry sector fell across the board, and *ST days contrarian rose 5.06% to 6.23 yuan. "*ST days of fair market value should be 100 billion yuan, so the price in 16 yuan is reasonable, even pulled up to more than 20 yuan is also normal." Some investors so forecast. Then in September 27th, *ST days of announcement that the company stock in September 22, 2016, 23, 26, three consecutive trading days closing price deviation from the cumulative value of more than 15%, which belongs to the "provisions of the Shanghai stock exchange trading rules" of the abnormal fluctuations in stock situations. In this regard, *ST Tianli securities department, told reporters that the company has been concerned about abnormal fluctuations in stock information and timely release of relevant announcements. But will not take the initiative to intervene in the market. But the myth does not last. In September 28th, trading to 6.87 yuan after the opening, *ST days quickly fell, intraday sealed limit, at 6.21 yuan. Previously, due to the continued decline in performance, *ST days are on the verge of suspension of listing. According to the annual report shows that in 2015 the company achieved operating income of 1 billion 929 million yuan, down by 26.54%; net profit loss of $948 million, down by 459.67%. As a result of two consecutive years of net profit is negative, in April 19th, the company was "wearing a hat", changed its name to *ST tianli. And this year相关的主题文章: