Permanent teeth caries of children in   how to properly care? – Jiangsu windows — original title: how high the permanent teeth caries of children care right? The restoration is necessary during the growth of each child’s life experience is also very important, the new long out of the teeth will be accompanied by a child’s life, therefore, parents of children for special attention. Would you like to pull teeth loose? When did the tooth grow askew? How to change teeth care of teeth?…… These are the parents are concerned about the hot issues. The family doctor online editor hereby interviewed Guangdong provincial stomatological hospital, vice president Huang Shaohong, with the most comprehensive strategy for everyone for children! (Guangdong provincial stomatological hospital vice president Huang Shaohong) children’s dental caries in permanent teeth to correct nursing? Huanya period is a very special period, will affect the child’s physical and mental health. Some suggestions for parents, help children survive this special stage: the first is the child’s psychological problems, especially when replacing the front teeth, the child may feel a bit ugly teeth, become love to laugh, speak leakage, do not love to talk, do not want to reveal their teeth, parents should do to ease the psychological aspect, tell them this is a necessary process for all children, Qi teeth missing teeth is beautiful, also very playful. The second is to pay attention to oral hygiene, dental caries in permanent teeth, because the teeth have to "old age", and this period is also common oral diseases. According to statistics, 5 years of age in children with a child suffering from dental caries, dental caries per capita of 4 people, 67%. And children’s dental caries treatment rate is very low, statistics found that 99% of children with dental caries is no treatment. The reason is that many parents do not pay attention to children’s dental caries of deciduous teeth, think anyway to be changed, the treatment does not Never mind. In fact, this is not the case, dental caries must be treated in a timely manner! A dental caries treatment, there will be oral cariogenic bacteria, causing the surrounding teeth caries, and even make the new long out of dental caries and caries; tooth pain, teeth chewing function, can make children’s nutrition absorption is affected by inflammation caused by dental caries; will inherit the permanent teeth the development of influence, such as that of permanent tooth germ infection, or lead to the permanent growth of the position deviation. The third is to regularly take the children to the Department of Stomatology to do a special examination of the child, the proposed half a year. At present, a lot of children in the school will be unified medical examination, including the mouth, which is a good measure to reduce the parents take their children to the hospital trouble. Parents should pay attention to school physical examination, to understand the results of the examination, found the problem, as soon as possible to take the child to treatment. Fourth in addition to comprehensive nutrition for children, children develop good eating habits, eat snacks; let the children not picky about food, soft, hard food can eat. Some common problems in Huanya period: 1, some of the children the new chief of the permanent dark colors, this is how it happened? The new chief of the permanent color is beige, white is not possible. We see the child’s teeth is very white, because the surface of the enamel of deciduous teeth (Ya Youzhi) is thin, the permeability is poor, so we can see directly beneath the white part)相关的主题文章: