Pajero Jin Chang – 80 thousand discount, ample car promotion date: 2016-09-09 to 2016-09-3 Beijing city · Pajero Jin Chang; promotional information: Recently, I shop in Beijing into the express car sales Limited shop Pajero Jin Chang · car sales, colors, interested friends can go to the store to buy, or call 15201131053 the inquiry, see details below: Pajero Jin Chang · the latest price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of car 2013 2.4L manual two drive Comfort Edition 20.88 12.88  & nbsp; 8; inquiry down sufficient car 2013 3.0L automatic two drive Deluxe Edition 24.88 16.88  8   inquiry here the vehicle sufficient 2015 3.0L automatic two drive Deluxe Edition 25.58 17.58  8   2013 case inquiry ample car ultimate 3.0L automatic four-wheel drive 30.88 22.88  8   2015 case inquiry vehicle sufficient 3.0L automatic four-wheel drive ultimate 31.58 23.58    8 case inquiry 2014 3.0L automatic four-wheel drive vehicle sufficient administrative version 28.88 20.88  8   inquiry down car enough more concessions please contact the dealer for table: Phoenix car on Pajero Jin Chang · the price is expected to between 20.88-31.58 million, sincerely welcome you to visit our shop at the drive, the shop offers a lot of value-added services, interested friends welcome to shop or call 15201131053 for more information. Free consultation: 15201131053 Business Name: into the express car sales Co. Ltd. address: Beijing city Beijing businessmen in Chaoyang District, around 50 meters east? Disclaimer: the market from comprehensive dealers since the release of information, the authenticity, accuracy and legality is responsible by the dealer, Phoenix car does not provide any guarantee, nor any liability.相关的主题文章: