Otherwise apple, why can’t change the world? Sohu technology apple is facing the biggest crisis since 2001! In 2016, Apple’s latest earnings (2015.10-2016.09) shows that the company since 2001, Jobs released iPod first appeared in the fourth quarter year decline in performance, Greater China revenue fell 30%, while shipments of new products Apple Watch is plunged 72%. Long after the earnings announcement, Apple shares fell immediately 3% (subsequently rebounded slightly) due to the poor performance of the apple is only one: iPhone marketable! Apple’s market capitalization of more than 640 billion U.S. dollars in order to continue to grow? Apple CEO Tim · Cook gave a hint: it is clear that there are many technologies will bring the car experience "revolution", but today I will not announce anything. Apple Corp in the development of the car has been an open secret, apple in the end can not like iPod, iPhone to change the world? Geek Jun believes that the current situation, it is difficult! Layoffs and tear force, direction of the project although apple never mentioned the mystery about the automobile manufacturing plan to the public, but according to Cook’s words, the inflection point is at the moment a car change. According to informed sources involved in the project said, plans to build real, but the start is better than apple Everything is going smoothly.. According to the Silicon Valley Biz Journals media obtained municipal documents show that last year, Apple has been in San Jose back to buy a piece of 38 hectares of land, named "Zeus", as the car R & D base. The legendary Apple automotive R & D base Project Titan program began in 2014, at the beginning of the apple is enthusiastic about the automotive industry, according to McKinsey estimates that if the project formed, to the value of the car project of Apple Corp in 2030 will reach 6 trillion and 700 billion. Apple’s goal is to complete the car set in early 2020, hoping to subvert the mobile industry in iPhone way to the automotive industry revolution. Unfortunately, two years later, the car project is not smooth. According to New York Times reported on September, most Project Titan employees have been laid off by apple. Hundreds of employees have been removed from the job, the personnel changes about involving thousands of people. Since August, more than 120 engineers and test procedures for the development of the automotive operating system have been cut, hundreds of automotive chassis, suspension and landing gear hardware engineers also leave. Straight at the end of 2015, due to internal disputes still caused the project stalled, the leadership in order to develop the direction of the project and debate over. There is even a team of internal members of the evaluation: This is a rather unsuccessful leadership team. Earlier this year, the project negative?相关的主题文章: