Or from the foreign morgue clothing reproduction Shenzhen this 441 tons of Shenzhen news network in June this year, Shenzhen intercepted more than 549 tons of garbage from foreign morgue morgue "foreign garbage" clothes. Recently, "foreign garbage" reproduced in Shenzhen. In September 18th, the reporter was informed by Shenzhen entry exit inspection and quarantine bureau that a total of 441 tons of smuggled old clothes were seized by Shenzhen customs inspection and border control department, which has been handled by the customs anti smuggling department. It is reported that in September 7th, Guangdong border maritime patrol officers intercepted a ship smuggling entry washed off cargo ship in Dapeng Bay on the sea, after the transfer of Shenzhen customs. After the preliminary inspection of the Customs Smuggling department, the suspected goods were prohibited to be imported, and the technical support of the Shenzhen entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau was requested. The Bureau was sent to the scene to carry out the inspection and identification. After investigation, the shipment amounted to 441 tons, ready to be transported to Wenzhou from Hongkong, China, covered with plastic woven fabric, bundled with wire or steel band. According to the standard random sampling for unpacking inspection, the inspectors found that the goods are all garments, each piece has no independent packaging, and the styles, colors and specifications are different. The samples were randomly selected from each package for inspection and identification. It was found that the clothing samples had obvious traces of wearing, and had obvious characteristics of the old clothes. According to the "People’s Republic of China solid waste pollution prevention law", "waste management", "directory of imported solid waste identification guidelines" provisions, determine the inspection personnel check the goods comply with the "directory" prohibits the import of solid waste in old clothes, which belongs to the ban on the import of solid waste. Shenzhen entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau relevant responsible person said, the old clothes in the foreign acquisition cost is very low, after sorting, refurbished reselling can sell tens of dollars or even hundreds of dollars, driven in profits, many criminals hoarding old clothing in Hongkong, after a certain number of ways to smuggle smuggling. The source of these old clothing is unknown, it may come from foreign garbage stations, hospitals, morgue, etc., there are a lot of bacteria and viruses. The consumer especially young and old women and children’s health and safety is a huge hidden danger. Inspection and quarantine departments remind consumers to buy clothing must be purchased through regular business, should not blindly believe that overseas purchasing, gucci businesses gimmick, should be careful to distinguish the label on the origin, composition and other important information, so as not to be deceived. Reporter Hu Qionglan editor Wu Xiaochen (Shenzhen Evening News) [related reading] Shenzhen intercepted 549 tons of smuggled old clothes, and even from the morgue

或来自国外太平间的衣服再现深圳 这次441吨深圳新闻网讯 今年6月,深圳截获549吨多来自国外垃圾场太平间的“洋垃圾”衣服。近日,“洋垃圾”再现深圳。9月18日,记者从深圳出入境检验检疫局获悉,深圳关检联合边防部门查获了一批海上走私旧衣服共计441吨,目前已由海关缉私部门立案处理。据悉,9月7日,广东边防海上巡逻人员在大鹏湾海面上拦截一艘冲关入境的走私货船,后移交深圳海关。海关缉私部门初步检查后怀疑该批货物为禁止进口的旧衣服,请求深圳出入境检验检疫局技术支援,该局接报后派员赴现场实施检验鉴定。经查,该批货物共计441吨,准备由中国香港运往温州,由塑料编织物包覆,用铁丝或钢带绑扎成捆。检验人员按标准随机抽样进行拆包检验,发现货物均为服装,每件无独立包装,款式、颜色、规格各异。从每包中随机抽取样品进行检验鉴定,发现服装样品具有被穿着使用过的明显痕迹,具备旧衣物的明显特征。根据《中华人民共和国固体废物污染环境防治法》、《进口废物管理目录》、《固体废物鉴别导则》的规定,检验人员判定所查货物符合《禁止进口固体废物目录》中旧衣物的规定,属于禁止进口固体废物。深圳出入境检验检疫局相关负责人表示,旧服装在国外收购成本极低,经分拣、翻新倒卖后可出售几十元甚至上百元不等,在暴利驱动下,许多不法分子在香港囤积旧服装,一定数量后以偷运等方式走私入境。这些旧服装来源不明,有可能来自国外的垃圾站、医院、太平间等,存在大量细菌及病毒。对消费者尤其是老幼妇孺的健康安全是一个巨大隐患。检验检验部门提醒广大消费者,购买服装时一定要通过正规商家购买,切忌盲目相信海外代购、外贸原单等商家噱头,应仔细辨别其标签上的产地、成分等重要信息,以免上当受骗。记者胡琼兰编辑武晓晨(深圳晚报) 【相关阅读】深圳截获549吨走私旧衣 部分甚至来自太平间相关的主题文章: