Now, what are you doing? Sohu Magic Elephant Books The – mother welcomed the attention of "magic like children’s Book Museum": mofaxiang01 new book recently, and "the birds have wings, like the children book" poetry by France’s Alan · Olivier · Searl, painted tower lake, this picture book name "now". The first feeling — "she read this book will love the small fresh works", the whole poem by the time the main line, interspersed with some interesting stories and warm picture of life, such as the seasons change, the birth of life, childlike joy of life to show the story, for having heard it many times. Perhaps you would like to think that so many stories can be shown in a thin picture book? Yes, these stories have been shown not to be messy, but to merge into the present. It is like an onion, you peel off layer after layer and at the same time, will be touched by the simple picture of life and the most common law of nature, the temperature only if you put it in your hands, after reading to savor. Today the elephant "5 story" now in out, you will find the passage of time in a short poem, with unlimited imagination. This should be the charm of the picture book! Now my brother caught three Ladybug Ladybug now Brother box opened a lot of ladybird fly out into a rocket now Ladybug disappeared… Now… The Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood… Now… The small red hat not far from my grandma…… now someone cut the wolf. Her grandma was saved. Now I am reading a book in addition to the change in seasons now on the first day of spring bloom now summer is coming out now the shadow to go last autumn leaves fell in winter to now a caterpillar into a butterfly caterpillar now hiding in a large Under the leaves in the park now turned into a caterpillar pupa pupa now flying out of a butterfly butterfly is now a bit cold birth now aunt Samia introduced us to her lover now, aunt Samia was pregnant now, aunt Samia’s baby now my cousin Pascal came to my house "now" (Alan method) · Searl; Olivier (Law) for drawing; · translation of "now" Spoon River is Guangxi normal university press one of the picture books like Magic Kingdom launched works. Now, from the spring, a white goose smells the fragrance of the first flower in spring. Now my father gives me a bath, but I don’t like to wash my hair. Now grandpa takes me to school.相关的主题文章: