North Korea test new rocket engine test in October foreign media speculation or reference news network September 21 news media said, North Korea’s official news agency KCNA said North Korea before the successful satellite launch vehicle model of high power engine ground firing test. According to BBC Chinese September 20th quoted KCNA reported that North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun at the sohae satellite launching guidance test, and he urged North Korean scientists and engineers to launch a satellite ready as soon as possible. Yonhap said, according to the analysis, the engine test department of North Korea in February 7th this year launched the "Star" related research and development activities. According to KCNA reported, Kim Jeong-eun said in the inspection, the development and utilization of space is the key cause of North korea. He said, the National Space Development Agency for North Korea to put emphasis on the development and utilization of space satellites, independently developed and launched more use different satellites, efforts to get North Korea in a few years of development has become the national synchronous satellite. Kim Jeong-eun also said that the North Korean space technology and other cutting-edge technology with each passing day, in the future to comprehensively promote the development of the national five year plan for the universe. Yonhap said, according to the analysis that North Korea is likely in the October 10th anniversary of the Korean workers’ party on the occasion of the long-range ballistic missile test again. Reported that North Korea insisted that its space program purely for research purposes, but the United States, South Korea believes that North Korea launched a satellite launch test aimed at the development of North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile technology. United Nations Security Council resolution prohibits North Korea from any missile or nuclear related activities.相关的主题文章: