North Korea held the first exhibition in each air force fighter aviation collective debut – Sohu Military Channel 24 September, Xinhua news agency, North Korea: North Korea for the first time the 24 day air show at Wonsan City Airport at GE ma. North Korea’s foreign economic Vice Minister Yin Stone said at the opening ceremony, I hope the air show of peace, prosperity, friendship and cultural exchange opportunities. Aviation exhibition organizing committee honorary vice chairman, Britain’s main travel agency President David? Townsend said in his speech, the current tensions on the Korean Peninsula, in this case held in peace and friendship as the theme of the air show is very meaningful. 24 am, the Korean people’s army aviation and air defense forces have brought wonderful aerobatic stunt. The pilot MiG-29 fighter, fighter, Hughes Su – 25 – 500 helicopter show attack flight, low altitude flight, 360 degree rotation, vertical flight high difficulty. The North Korea Airlines tu-134 aircraft such as Il – 18, also interspersed with a display of flight. During the air show for a period of two days, visitors can also choose from the Korea Airlines Doyle series, a series of plane figure, over 30 minutes to visit wonsan.相关的主题文章: